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Chris Martin

at Anton Kern,
through Nov. 15
532 W. 20th St.
In his first exhibition with Anton Kern, Chris Martin shows large mixed-medium abstract paintings that nearly jump off the wall, many of them loaded with holographic glitter custom-designed for Vegas showgirls. Despite such lowbrow associations, Martin is…Read more

Elizabeth Jaeger

at Jack Hanley Gallery,
through Nov. 9
327 Broome St.
For her first solo at Jack Hanley Gallery, Elizabeth Jaeger, a young Brooklyn-based sculptor, has dispensed with the elongated female figures that have been the hallmarks of her previous exhibitions. In fact, the conspicuous lack of a human presence may b…Read more

David Humphrey

at Fredericks & Freiser,
through Nov. 8
536 W. 24th St.
In a baker's dozen of large new acrylic paintings, David Humphrey continues to combine figural imagery and rich abstract passages. His figures, human or animal, are sometimes mysterious—does Sidewalk depict a greeting or a mugging?—sometimes sweet, as in …Read more


Do Ho Suh

at Lehmann Maupin,
through Oct. 25
540 W. 26th St. and 201 Chrystie St.
For the Korean-born artist Do Ho Suh, drawing is a process primarily aimed at recording his physical surroundings. Using a labor-intensive rubbing technique, he covers the surfaces of an interior space with paper, including, in Rubbing/Loving Project, 348…Read more


Erica Baum

at Bureau,
through Oct. 26
178 Norfolk St.
Erica Baum's square-format photographs of dog-eared book pages make the paperbacks you often see stacked on city stoops or in the dollar bins at bookstores look like art materials in waiting. Baum has developed nearly a dozen series using this material ov…Read more

John Stezaker

at Petzel,
through Nov. 8
456 W. 18th St.
Shadows loom large in John Stezaker's new works. Derived from '40s and '50s B-movie film stills, these prints on canvas render the actors in flat, heavy black ink, the background sets in disquieting gray-blues or orange washes. A recurring theme for …Read more

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John Lurie

at Cavin-Morris,
through Oct. 25
210 Eleventh Ave.


Cao Fei

at Lombard Freid,
through Oct. 25
518 W. 19th St.

Antoine Catala

at 47 Canal,
through Nov. 2
291 Grand St.


Peter Fend

at Essex Street,
through Oct. 26
114 Eldridge St


Frank Heath

at Simone Subal,
through Oct. 26
131 Bowery, 2nd Floor

Danh Vo

at Public Art Fund,
through Dec. 5
Brooklyn Bridge Park and City Hall Park

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