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Brad Troemel

at Tomorrow,
through Nov. 30
106 Eldridge St.
Brad Troemel, The Jogging cofounder, Post-Internet art theorist and former champion of entirely immaterial work, trots out some very appealing physical objects in his new show, "Live/Work." As explained in a nicely tongue-in-cheek press release, the show …Read more

Ai Weiwei

at Chambers Fine Art,
through Nov. 1
522 W 19th St.
A subtle message regarding people and cultures distorted by circumstance—historical, social, psychological—seems to pervade the latest show by China's art-star dissident. In the main gallery are marble versions of twisted lengths of rebar from the 2008 Si…Read more

Gedi Sibony

at Greene Naftali,
through Nov. 8
508 W. 26th St.
A young master of recycling the humblest of disused materials, Gedi Sibony takes a bold step in a new direction with a group of large new paintings on side panels from old tractor trailers. Identifying marks like trucking company logos and brand icons are…Read more

Alyson Shotz

at Carolina Nitsch,
through Nov. 15
534 W. 22nd St.
Alyson Shotz's series "Topographic Iterations" (also the title of this show) comprises abstract photo-drawing hybrids with a mysterious trompe l'oeil surface texture. Shotz starts with a crumpled sheet of Japanese Masa paper, which is photographed and pri…Read more

Wang Guangle

at Pace,
through Nov. 1
510 W. 25th St.
Wang Guangle's multilayered abstract paintings are a clear demonstration that culture-specificity can coexist with (and sometimes be deeply disguised by) cosmopolitan formalism—a preoccupation with line, shape and color that seems to know no geographic bo…Read more

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David Humphrey

at Fredericks & Freiser,
through Nov. 8
536 W. 24th St.

Chris Martin

at Anton Kern,
through Nov. 15
532 W. 20th St.

Elizabeth Jaeger

at Jack Hanley Gallery,
through Nov. 9
327 Broome St.

John Stezaker

at Petzel,
through Nov. 8
456 W. 18th St.


Erica Baum

at Bureau,
through Oct. 26
178 Norfolk St.

Antoine Catala

at 47 Canal,
through Nov. 2
291 Grand St.


Peter Fend

at Essex Street,
through Oct. 26
114 Eldridge St


Frank Heath

at Simone Subal,
through Oct. 26
131 Bowery, 2nd Floor

Danh Vo

at Public Art Fund,
through Dec. 5
Brooklyn Bridge Park and City Hall Park

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