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“Old Truths and New Lies”

at Rachel Uffner,
through Jul. 31
170 Suffolk Street
A certain breeziness is expected of artist-curated group shows; "Old Truths and New Lies" literalizes the proposition in its opening gesture, a set of "flags" designed by the featured artists. The hanging panels' motifs, like a cotton print of a fertility…Read more

Patrick Van Caeckenbergh

at Lehmann Maupin,
through Aug. 21
201 Chrystie Street
Little known in the U.S., Belgian artist Patrick Van Caeckenbergh has been making Surrealist-inspired drawings, collages, sculptures and installations since the early ‘80s. Much of his work centers on carefully researching mundane or discarded objects he …Read more

Ruth Root

at Andrew Kreps,
through Aug. 14
537 West 22nd Street
For her sixth show at the gallery, Ruth Root turns her formal investigation of abstract painting into a study of bricolage and balance. Fabric-wrapped slabs become the surprising basis of support for shaped Plexiglas elements bearing enamel and spray pain…Read more

Will Benedict

at Bortolami,
through Aug. 7
520 West 20th Street
There are deeper anxieties than bed bugs embedded in our mattresses. Will Benedict animates them with The Bed That Eats, a kind of music video in which the anthropomorphized piece of furniture sings a song by minimalist blues duo Stare Case. The mattress …Read more

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Andra Ursuta

at Ramiken Crucible,
through Jul. 12
389 Grand Street

Sarah Charlesworth

at New Museum,
through Sept. 20
235 Bowery

“One Way Ticket: Jacob Lawrence’s Migration Series and Other Works”

at The Museum of Modern Art,
through Sept. 7
11 West 53rd Street


“Neon Eon”

at Kate Werble,
through Jul. 10
83 Vandam Street


Yoan Capote

at Jack Shainman,
through Jul. 10
513 West 20th and 524 West 24th Street

Marjorie Strider

at Broadway 1602,
through Aug. 1
370 First Avenue #13D


Richard Dupont

at Tracy Williams Ltd.,
through Jul. 10
55 Hester Street


Mira Dancy

at Chapter NY,
through Jul. 10
127 Henry Street

Philippe Parreno

at Park Avenue Armory,
through Aug. 2
643 Park Avenue


Susan Cianciolo

at Bridget Donahue,
through Jul. 12
99 Bowery

“Six Doors”

at The Other Room,
through Aug. 7
820 Greenwich Street


Carolyn Salas

at Koenig & Clinton,
through Jul. 10
459 West 19th Street

Ida Applebroog

at Hauser & Wirth,
through Jul. 31
511 West 18th Street

Frida Kahlo

at The New York Botanical Garden,
through Nov. 1
2900 Southern Boulevard, Bronx

Piotr Uklanski

at Metropolitan Museum of Art,
through Aug. 16
1000 Fifth Avenue

“Masterpieces and Curiosities: Nicole Eisenman’s Seder”

at Jewish Museum,
through Aug. 9
1109 Fifth Avenue

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