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at Dominique Levy,
through Oct. 24
909 Madison Avenue
Little seen wire sculptures, paper collages and other delicate and masterful objects by Venezuelan sculptor Gego are presented in a compressed yet effusive show on the Upper East Side. Organized in collaboration with Fundación Gego, it includes a number o…Read more

Wynne Greenwood

at New Museum,
through Jan. 10
235 Bowery
In the middle of sets, sometimes interrupting songs, the lead singer of Tracy + the Plastics would stop to work out her relationships with her bandmates, who felt neglected or wanted to discuss the dynamics of collaboration. But the band's only "real" mem…Read more

Wolfgang Tillmans

at David Zwirner,
through Oct. 24
525 West 19th Street
There's a maximal-minimal synergy in the shows by fellow German artists Isa Genzken and Wolfgang Tillmans, on view next door to each other in David Zwirner's 19th Street spaces. Where Genzken channels minimalism's penchant for commercial materials more th…Read more

Julia Bland

at On Stellar Rays,
through Oct. 25
1 Rivington Street
The patterns and hand-worked details of Julia Bland's five painted tapestries—or woven paintings—on view in "If You Want to Be Free" absorb and transfix. The flashing, jagged spaces of the large-scale abstract works provide a trove of detailed delights fo…Read more

Stanya Kahn

at Marlborough Chelsea,
through Oct. 17
545 West 25th Street
The darkly funny, often crude drawings hung salon-style in Marlborough Chelsea's upstairs gallery are a surprising twist for L.A.-based Stanya Kahn, who is better known for her lo-fi, often improvised videos and performance work. "Die Laughing" includes o…Read more

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“Really, Socialism?!”

at MomentaArt,
through Nov. 9
56 Bogart Street, Brooklyn


Sam Falls

at The Kitchen,
through Oct. 10
512 West 19th Street

Josiah McElheny

at Andrea Rosen,
through Oct. 24
525 West 24th Street

Mark Barrow & Sarah Parke

at Elizabeth Dee,
through Oct. 24
545 West 20th Street

Ron Nagle

at Matthew Marks,
through Oct. 24
522 West 22nd Street

Gizela Mickiewicz and Roman Stańczak

at Bureau,
through Oct. 25
178 Norfolk Street

Dana Schutz

at Petzel,
through Oct. 24
456 West 18th Street

“Between History and the Body”

at The 8th Floor,
through Oct. 16
17 West 17th Street

Robert Irwin

at Dia:Beacon,
through Dec. 31
3 Beekman Street, Beacon, N.Y.

Frida Kahlo

at The New York Botanical Garden,
through Nov. 1
2900 Southern Boulevard, Bronx

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