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Frank Heath

at Simone Subal,
through Oct. 26
131 Bowery, 2nd Floor
  Frank Heath's "Backup" raises big, existential questions with an ingratiating ease and casual sense of humor. Most of the works are metal plaques laser-cut with various texts, including transcripts of online chats with customer service representatives.…Read more


“Future Feminism”

at The Hole NYC,
through Sept. 27
312 Bowery
Artists Kembra Pfahler, Johanna Constantine, Antony, Bianca Casady and Sierra Casady created "Future Feminism," a series of exhibitions, performances and lectures at The Hole NYC. Over 13 nights, the group and their collaborators will unveil their 13 Tene…Read more

Anissa Mack

at Laurel Gitlen,
through Oct. 19
122 Norfolk St.
Apparently you can deep-fry Pepsi. This is one thing we learn from the press release for "Deep Deep Pepsi," Anissa Mack's third show with Laurel Gitlen. Printed mirrors, emblazoned with messages like "Deep Deep Deep," "Deep Deep Pepsi" and "Deep Fried Pep…Read more

Andy Coolquitt

at Lisa Cooley,
through Oct. 19
107 Norfolk St.
All artists face the challenge of making their works seem at home in galleries after they leave the studio. It's a problem Andy Coolquitt has certainly dealt with, given that his Austin home/studio is a giant artwork. As a way of handling this, "somebody …Read more

Gordon Hall

at Foxy Production,
through Oct. 4
637 W. 27th St.
You may not notice some of the works in Gordon Hall's first solo show; the entry walls are partly painted in delicate pastel off-whites, and while the gesture may seem precious, it indicates the artist's admirable ambitions toward subtlety. The show's pal…Read more

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“Here and Elsewhere”

at New Museum,
through Sept. 28
235 Bowery

Danh Vo

at Public Art Fund,
through Dec. 5
Brooklyn Bridge Park and City Hall Park

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