Art In America

Barbara Chase-Riboud

at Michael Rosenfeld,
100 Eleventh Avenue


If you missed Barbara Chase-Riboud's exhibition at the Philadelphia Museum of Art earlier this year, there's still time to see an impressively thorough collection of her sculptures and drawings at Michael Rosenfeld this winter. Riboud, an African American artist based in France and Italy since the mid-1960s, has been making work (and writing award-winning volumes of poetry) for decades, but is experiencing something of a revival, thanks to the PMA show. At Rosenfeld, her folded, ribbonlike sculptures-cast bronze (using the lost-wax method), with thick, knotted ropes of silk, wool and other fabrics-are accompanied by over a dozen etchings, many of which depict monuments commemorating people from the Marquis de Sade to Man Ray to Oscar Wilde.


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