Art In America

Brad Troemel

at Zach Feuer ,
548 West 22nd Street

A drone attack enlivened the opening reception for Brad Troemel's solo show "On View: Selections from the Troemel Collection," which features collaborations between the Net artist and entertainers like Buckethead, Macaulay Culkin and Bam Margera. While demonstrating a work in which crocheted sweater-like garments were strung together and attached to the ceiling by two drones on pink dog leashes, the Net artist lost control of his creation. After careening into a ceiling light, one of the drones became unleashed and spiraled down, tangling itself in the long hair of an innocent gallery-goer blithely attempting to capture the event on her phone. Laughing in horrified fascination as they took photos (search Instagram for the results), viewers emerged quickly from their encounter with the nostalgic '90s consumer items populating the show-including Furbies perched atop the Day-Glo stones found on indoor climbing walls-into 21st-century reality.


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