Lisa Ruyter

The extremely prolific (this is her 32nd solo show) Vienna-based American artist Lisa Ruyter has long turned to photographs as source material for her Pop-inflected, coloring book style paintings. In the past she’s used her own photos of parties and street scenes, but more recently she’s turned to negatives produced between 1935 and 1944, found in the Library of Congress’s Farm Security Administration and Office of War Information’s archives. Ruyter describes these images as “a record of what was already being lost . . . an American dream of self-determination, independence and freedom.” Paintings of women in colorful patterned clothes as well as depictions of abandoned power plants and salvage yards are on view at Eleven Rivington’s Chrystie Street location, while the gallery’s Rivington Street space is home to a single large, friezelike painting spanning an entire wall.