Art In America

Sara Cwynar

at Foxy Production,
2 East Broadway

Despite having been around for centuries, rose gold (the metal alloy) has enjoyed a boost in popularity in recent years. It was Pantone’s color of the year (well, one of two) in 2015, and was offered as an iPhone color option in 2016. The warm pink tone has a certain luxurious-but-hip quality. “Rose Gold,” Sara Cwynar’s second exhibition at Foxy Production, uses the aspirational palette as a jumping-off point. A video (also titled Rose Gold), narrated by occasionally overlapping and somewhat robotic male and female voices, references objectification and desire of materials both new (rose gold iPhones) and old (Melamine kitchenware). The rest of the show features Cwynar’s high-octane photos of a woman posing in a studio. These images are overlaid with newspaper clippings, advertisements, and fashion photos that seem to be sourced from the 1960s and ‘70s. Cwynar’s model, a friend named Tracy, perches awkwardly on a chair hidden behind various colorful backdrops, with an air that is both overwhelmed and resigned. —Leigh Anne Miller


Pictured: Sara Cwynar: Tracy (Pantyhose), 2017, dye sublimation print on aluminum, 30 by 38 inches. Courtesy Foxy Production, New York.

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