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George Condo: Constellation No. 1, 1979–2016, mixed mediums on paper. Courtesy Skarstedt Gallery, New York, and Sprüth Magers, Berlin. Photo Melissa Brice Shea.


Table of Contents

  1. Editor's Letter
  2. The Brief

    Elevation 1049 biennial in Gstaad; David Hockney traveling retrospective; Mexico City art fairs; Black History Month events at Harlem’s Schomburg Center; Manif d’Art biennial in Quebec City; Moody Center for the Arts opens in Houston.

  3. First Look

    Sofía Córdova

    In her impassioned multimedia projects, California artist Sofía Córdova envisions a global ecological apocalypse and its grim aftermath.

  4. Critical Eye: Mimi Gross in Her World

    In a vast trove of drawings, New York artist Mimi Gross has reflected over the past forty years on her immersion—as a painter, set-and-costume designer, photographer, and filmmaker—in bohemian milieus both here and abroad.

  5. Sightlines

    Roger White

    Artist, author, and publisher Roger White tells Ross Simonini what’s on his mind.

  6. Atlas Stavanger

    Social Support

    Recent events in Stavanger, Norway, attest to the demise of Scandinavia’s once-generous cultural support system and the growing importance of alternative artistic and curatorial entrepreneurship.

  7. Backstory

    Room to Think

    Throughout his life, certain places—his childhood home in Philadelphia, the Fisher Library at the University of Pennsylvania—have, for subtle reasons, induced Julian Hoeber to link the magic of art to introspection.

  8. Backstory

    Works in Progress

    Architect Richard Rogers recalls the shock, and the joyful challenge, he and Renzo Piano experienced when they won the coveted Centre Pompidou commission as newcomers in their thirties.

  9. Books

    All About Eva

    Robert J. Seidman on Eva Hesse’s Diaries, edited by Barry Rosen with Tamara Bloomberg; plus related titles in brief.

  10. Shanghai Synergy

    While Europe and the US continue to regard contemporary Chinese art with skepticism, curators and collectors in China now foster a dynamic mix of Eastern and Western works, as the current Shanghai Biennale and its often glitzy attendant events testify.

  11. Surreal Cairo

    In Egypt during World War II, a large group of artists embraced the international Surrealist movement, creating locally inflected artworks and manifestos fully abreast of Western aesthetics and theory.

  12. In the Studio: Meredith Monk

    Vocalist and performance artist Meredith Monk, an icon of New York's experimental downtown scene, discusses the beliefs and techniques that have kept her a galvanizing figure for five decades.

Saved by Abstraction?

Viewing abstract painting as a transcendent endeavor, critic Barbara Rose has advocated its perpetual relevance—both in her writing and in key curatorial efforts over the decades, most recently a survey of Belgian and American artists in Brussels.


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