Art In America


Table of Contents

  1. Editor's Letter
  2. The Brief

    A traveling Black Mountain College show opens at Boston's ICA; Chicago Architecture Biennial; Frieze London; Frances Stark survey at L.A.'s Hammer Museum; Alberto Burri retrospective at the Guggenheim Museum, New York; Ohio's Columbus Museum of Art expand

  3. Issues & Commentary

    Asia First: The 30-Percent Solution

    The narrow focus of the West's so-called global art system has spurred a well-financed reaction in Asia.

  4. First Look

    Milano Chow

    In her whimsical grisaille drawings, young L.A. artist Milano Chow celebrates the history of ornamental design and object display.

  5. Books

    The Once and Future L.A.

    Annette Leddy on Out of Sight: The Los Angeles Art Scene of the Sixties; plus related titles in brief.

  6. Sightlines

    Laurie Anderson

    Performance artist Laurie Anderson tells Chris Chang what's on her mind.

  7. Atlas Dallas

    Dallasian Spring

    Preoccupied with developing urban infrastructure, the well-heeled civic leaders of Dallas have long viewed art—especially when supplied by big-name artists from afar—as a boost the city's "world-class" ambitions.

  8. Muse

    A Ludwig Snare Drum

    The British artist relates his sense of visual rhythm to an innate drive nurtured in a childhood home where legendary drummers came to jam.

  9. Backstory

    Whale Listening with the Governor

    Ant Farm cofounder Chip Lord recalls a 1977 sound project that brought California Governor Jerry Brown to Bodega Bay.

  10. A Crystal Grotto

    In her latest multi-screen installation, Janet Biggs, known for socially conscious video projects shot in far-flung locales, takes on a more intimate subject—the slow, disorienting ravages of dementia.

  11. More is Less

    Barbara Rose interviewed by William S. Smith

    On the 50th anniversary of her celebrated "ABC Art" essay for A.i.A., critic and art historian Barbara Rose reflects on the sociopolitical circumstances surrounding her very personal yet coolly analytic introduction of Minimalist art.

  12. Total Service Artists

    In an era of shrinking professional support, many artists are making self-sufficiency, self-evaluation and self-promotion integral parts of their artistic identity and their oeuvre. 

  13. Portfolio

    Though a founding figure of Minimalism, Frank Stella has gone on to create space-devouring, formally exuberant sculptures and paintings—including several new examples digitally juxtaposed in eight images made expressly for A.i.A.'s pages.

  14. Coney Island Forever

    The democratic multi-racial, multi-ethnic, multi-class hurly-burly of American leisure since the mid-1800s is reflected in a traveling museum exhibition about Coney Island. 

  15. In the Studio: Lisa Yuskavage

    Praised and reviled for the gender politics implicit in her work, Lisa Yuskavage ignores controversy to speark of her intense commitment to the formal practice and enlightening history of painting. 


Creating humorous, quasi-figurative abstractions in a Minimalist vein: the feat may sound paradoxical, but L.A. painter and sculptor Math Bass pulls it off with Panache.



  • 1913-1979

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