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  1. Editor's Letter
  2. niv Acosta

    Departing from his Denzel Washington obsession, the transgender Dominican artist debuts a four-person dance performance that mixes disco beats, racial themes and sci-fi speculations.

  3. Sightlines

    Rose Art Museum director Christopher Bedford tells Chris Chang what's on his mind.

  4. Museums

    The LV Boat

    Billowing with glass "sails," Frank Gehry's new Fondation Louis Vuitton brings Paris a dramatic, art-challenging museum interior with a trove of controversy over its founder, LVMH head Bernard Arnault.

  5. The Breath of Life

    Long an icon of feminism and sexual liberation, the artist now finds artistic counsel, erotic pleasure and spiritual sustenance in her many kissing cats.

  6. Atlas Bangkok

    Northern Renaissance

    No longer confined to the capital, experimental art currently flourishes throughout Thailand—especially the northern areas of Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai and Isan.

  7. Backstory

    Playing at Saints

    In 1985, a host of Cuban artists and writers—all friends of Ana Mendieta and many of them visiting the U.S. at her instigation—gathered for a high-spirited communal evening in New York.

  8. Nippon Interzone

    Ryan Holmberg on Chewing Gum and Chocolate: Photographs by Shomei Tomatsu, edited by Leo Rubinfein and John Junkerman.

  9. Inventing Pop Abstraction

    Uniting firmly outlined forms and bold colors, American painter Nicholas Krushenick created a new nonobjective vocabulary in the 1960s.    

  10. Regarding Matthew Watson

    In the final installment of a three-part series, artist Sebastian Black scrutinizes a single work: Matthew Watson's 2014 photo-realist painting Jacob and Brontë.

  11. Me and Your Shadow

    Artist, critic and poet Rene Ricard is here remembered in a manner as freewheeling and personal as his own.

  12. In the Studio: Richard Aldrich

    With paintings currently in a group show at New York's MoMA, Richard Aldrich discusses literature, music, therapy and his own earlier artworks—all elements in his instinctive, self-reverential, constantly evolving creative process.

  13. Artworld

    People, Awards, Obituaries

Issues & Commentary: True Noir

The author of The Abu Ghraib Effect compares the U.S. Senate's recent CIA torture exposé to a work of hard-boiled pulp nonfiction.


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