Art In America


by Oscar Tuazon.


Table of Contents

  1. Editor's Letter
  2. The Brief

    "What Nerve! Alternative Figures in American Art, 1960 to the Present" at the RISD Museum; BAM's Next Wave Festival; New York Art Book Fair at MoMA PS1; São Paulo Bienal; Expo Chicago Art Fair.

  3. Sightlines

    Gwangju Biennale director Jessica Morgan tells Chris Chang what's on her mind.

  4. First Look

    Elizabeth Jaeger

    The Brooklyn-based artist's ceramic vessels and figures convey both decorative arts nostalgia and existential angst.

  5. “The Details”: Mark Bradford

    For me, it's always a detail—a detail that points to a larger thing. It can be text; it can be a quote.

  6. Pantheon of the Anteater

    In the first installment of a two-part article, the author recounts his experience taking a free art criticism course taught by David Salle at Bruce High Quality Foundation University, New York.

  7. How We Lived Then

    British Conceptual artist Stephen Willats responded to a period of social tumult with a 1979 exhibition. Now re-created, the show offers insight into the past and future of socially engaged art.  

  8. Backstory


    During a photo shoot at Trisha Brown's studio in 1980, Charles Gaines ended up being photographed in turn by the dancer, and the reciprocal portrait session soon changed Gaines's approach to his work.

  9. Critical Eye

    Dutch Explorer

    For 18 years the expatriate Dutch scholar and curator Hans van Dijk (1946-2002) worked tirelessly to bring world attention to China's emerging avant-garde artists.

  10. Totally Plugged in

    In the "everyday art world," artists are always on the move, disdaining not only art objects but any kind of artistic finality whatsoever, making putative works out of mere schmoozing, and turning the art world into a string of floating cocktail parties disguised as seminars (and vice versa).

  11. The Weight of Things

    The result of an intense investigative process, Christina Mackie's sculptural installations are rife with references to geology, archeology and the history of object-making.

  12. Theory and Matter

    In the early 1970s, the French group Supports/Surfaces produced some of the era's most radical art in a seemingly unlikely medium. Today, their unstretched, semi-sculptural paintings speak to a whole new generation.

  13. A Square Meal

    In bright, super-thick relief paintings, Gina Beavers takes the social-media sharing of food pics to satirical lengths.

  14. Portfolio

    Conceptual artist David Horvitz's water-gathering voyage to the western edge of the Pacific Time Zone was recorded in photographs by himself, Avery Regen, Mia Nolting, Sam Kahn and Kent Milski.

  15. Regarding Michaela Meise

    In the second installment of a three-part series, artist Sebastian Black scrutinizes a single work: Michaela Meise's Heart (green).

  16. In the Studio: Lily van der Stokker

    The New York- and Amsterdam-based artist recounts her days as an East Village gallerist and the evolution of her "girlish" image-and-text drawings, wall paintings and furniture installations.

  17. Artworld

    People, Awards, Obituaries.


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