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  1. Editor's Letter
  2. The Brief

    Frieze London; Yves Saint Laurent at the Seattle Art Museum; Beverly Buchanan at the Brooklyn Museum; Tino Sehgal at the Palais de Tokyo, Paris; “Paint the Revolution: Mexican Modernism, 1910–1950," and more.

  3. First Look

    Jibade-Khalil Huffman

    LA-based poet and artist Jibade-Khalil Huffman—whose installation Stanza, enlivened by video and colored-light projections, is currently on view at the Studio Museum in Harlem—explores the subtle links between imagery, language, and personal identity.

  4. Film: Pornography of Power

    In her last film project, the late artist Ellen Cantor mixed documentary and soap opera genres to expose the perversity of US support for the Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet.

  5. Sightlines

    Singer and artist Anohni tells Ross Simonini what’s on her mind.

  6. Up Close: Narrative Painting

    The representational paintings and drawings of New Orleans artist Willie Birch echo traditional African fractal patterns, reinforcing his solidarity with local “bottom up” social organizations.

  7. Muse

    The Darkroom

    Alison Rossiter, known for her work with expired photographic papers, has been enamored of the darkroom experience since her first technical class in 1970.

  8. Atlas Dubai

    Residents and Residencies

    With a population that is 95 percent foreign, Dubai tightly restricts permanent resident status, keeping its many expat artists in a state of limbo amid a richly bourgeoning art scene.

  9. Backstory

    Street Smarts

    One member of the artist duo OSGEMEOS recalls the immense impact that hip-hop culture had on him and his twin brother Gustavo during their teenage years in late 1980s São Paulo.

  10. Books

    Photography and Paradox

    Colin Westerbeck on Arthur Lublow’s Diane Arbus: Portrait of a Photographer; plus related titles in brief.

  11. The Digitized Museum

    Introducing A.i.A.’s special issue on museums and digital technology, its organizers reflect on how new electronic devices, new institutional policies and programs, and a new emphasis on access, interactivity, and feedback are altering long-established ideas about what an art museum is and what it should do.

  12. The Public as Producer

    At the Cooper Hewitt, a multipurpose handheld device called the Pen enables visitors to share in “design thinking” through instantaneous searches of the collection and experiments in high-tech drafting.

  13. Silicon Values

    The New Museum has adopted the start-up incubator model for its New Inc residency program. Has it also taken on the goals and thinking of today's venture capitalists?

  14. The Digital Non-Visitor

    Eight museum officials, critics, and theorists discuss strategies for maximizing the benefits of digital technology for visitors and institutions alike.

  15. The Fun Palace at Fifty

    The Fun Palace, a highly adaptable, multipurpose cultural space proposed for British workers in the 1960s, prefigured many of the audience-friendly design choices embraced by museums and art centers today.

  16. Viewer Positioning System

    The Brooklyn Museum’s ASK app lets users consult a dedicated Audience Engagement Team, while automatically supplying visitor movement and interest data to the museum through Bluetooth sensors.

  17. Portfolio

    Commenting on cultural memory in the digital age, Athens-based artist Angelo Plessas presents ten screenshots showing fictive monuments in Google Street View settings around the world.

  18. Unknown Makers

    Casts and copies once played a key role in education of artists and their public. Will the ever-proliferating, ever-improving images and 3D reproductions made possible by new technology soon become fully legal and critically legitimate?

  19. Artworld

    People, Awards, Obituaries

Personal Voice

A number of museums—the MCA Chicago, the CCA Wattis Institute, the Aspen Art Museum, and others—have opted for flexible, frequently changing website designs that reflect the vital nature of the art they present.



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