Art In America


By Cindy Sherman.


Table of Contents

  1. Editor's Letter
  2. Sightlines

    Public Art Fund curator/director Nicholas Baume tells Chris Chang what's on his mind.

  3. First Look

    Aliza Nisenbaum

    Mexican-born painter Aliza Nisenbaum has recently produced a quietly unsettling series of small, incisive portraits of U.S. immigrants.

  4. Here Comes the Sun

    When Solar Reserve (Tonopah, Nevada) went "live" in the courtyard at New York's Lincoln Center on Oct. 2, viewers gasped. 

  5. Muse


    L.A. artist Andrea Bowers reflects on several feminist peers—Fantani Touré, Nancy Buchanan and Micol Hebron—who have bolstered her own creative determination.

  6. Atlas Cairo

    Rebirth of Metaphor

    In the wake of Egypt's 2011-13 political uprisings, art in the nation's capital is returning to various forms of verbal and visual poeticism.

  7. Backstory

    Italian-American idol

    Jason Rubell, then a teenage schoolboy and beginning collector, recalls meeting legendary dealer Leo Castelli in the mid-1980s.

  8. The Art of War

    For many years, the consensus was that in Europe, at least, the air had been sucked out of visual creativity during the years of WWII.

  9. Situational Humor

    Berlin-based Judith Hopf's sculptural works and videos offer an amusing, deadpan resistance to the hidden strictures of the modern world.

  10. Conditionally You

    Hong Kong's Lee Kit creates enigmatic objects and installations that, while seemingly banal, eerily suggest the absent, the potential and the might-have-been.

  11. Out of Line

    Having grown up in war-torn Alsace, Tomi Ungerer swept to prominence in mid-20th-century New York as an unorthodox ad man, illustrator, children's book author and political polemicist.

  12. Portfolio

    Mixing four works from her most recent gallery show with pictures from various publications and digital media, Sara Greenberger Rafferty offers readers a glimpse at her source images and creative process.

  13. A Parable of Excess

    In 1964, A.i.A. commissioned Roy Lichtenstein to design a World's Fair-themed cover—and got a visual extravaganza evoking multiple sociopolitical issues of the day.

  14. In the Studio: Kevin Beasley

    An obsolete Akai x-1800SD reel-to-reel eight-track player stood in the corner of the back room at Casey Kaplan gallery.

  15. Artworld

    People, Awards, Obituaries

When Artists Boycott

An activist lauds the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement's protests against Israeli policies.


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