Art In America


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Table of Contents

  1. Museum Previews 2017–18

    Organized chronologically, this section highlights key shows, current and upcoming, at institutions across the country and abroad. In addition, artists, curators, and other experts offer their personal picks.

  2. Highlights from the 2017 Guide

    Art in America's 2017 Guide to Museums, Galleries, and Artists spotlights the top museum exhibitions of the 2017–18 season. Here, we're sharing a few of the summer shows that are now on view or opening soon. For more, look for the Guide at newsstands, and check out the online Guide!

  3. Travis Jeppesen on Joe Bradley

    "No one does shit like Bradley. Probably no one else is brave enough."

  4. William Cordova on Juana Valdes in “Relational Undercurrents” at MOLAA

    "Valdes's installation makes us inspect mass-produced objects as part of the neocolonial narrative."

  5. Stephanie Smith on Mark Dion

    "We need Mark's artful mix of science, nerdiness, creative obsession, wonder, and humor right now."

  6. Antonia Carver on Hassan Sharif

    "Attention from the market and institutions has created a somewhat mythic persona that appears contradictory for a practitioner who was resolutely collaborative, down-to-earth."

  7. Yuko Hasegawa on Taus Makhacheva

    "Taus Makhacheva has a very sophisticated, subtle way of opening up the history of everyday life."

  8. Jay Sanders on Allen Ruppersberg

    "He explores how you can use popular forms but have a set of avant-garde concerns operating in the work." 

  9. Nancy Princenthal on David Wojnarowicz

    "Wojnarowicz was so savagely honest about where he came from and making it part of his work, which is full of passion and rage but still has this amazingly lyrical touch."

  10. The Guide

    The Guide is a comprehensive alphabetical listing, arranged by state and city, of US galleries, private dealers, print dealers, corporate consultants, museums, nonprofit, spaces and university galleries.

  11. Gallery & Museum Index

    An alphabetical listing of all the organizations in the Guide.

  12. Artist Index

    An alphabetical listing cross-referenced to artists' gallery and institutional affiliations.

  13. Directories

    Art Schools, Art Services

Notes on the Cover

Our 2017–18 Guide cover designers, Seoul-based Choi Sulki and Choi Sung Min, describe their typeface Art Mediums, in which characters are composed of lists of terms for art-related materials, tools, and processes.


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