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Table of Contents

  1. Editor's Letter
  2. The Brief

    Berlin’s KW Institute reopens; New Year’s Day Marathon Reading by the Poetry Project; Paris’s Centre Pompidou turns forty; The Noguchi Museum commemorates the artist’s WWII internment; Three performance fests in New York; A trio of art fairs in LA

  3. First Look: Walter K. Scott

    Walter K. Scott skewers the art world—especially young artists' often self-destructive pursuit of success—through the comic-strip misadventures of his alter ego, Wendy.

  4. Atlas Dubai: Consumed Culture

    The work of many artists in Dubai, a locale hosting a hodgepodge of nationalities, suggests that the emirate is not a melting pot but a welter of distinct cultural parts.

  5. Backstory

    Studio Bedfellows

    Liza Lou reflects on the physical and emotional intimacy woven into the beaded works she has created over the past eleven years with women in South Africa.

  6. Books

    Costa's Conceptualism

    Bartholomew Ryan on Conceptualism and Other Fictions: The Collected Writings of Eduardo Costa, 1965–2015; plus related titles in brief.

  7. The Artist's Artist: A Rauschenberg Symposium

    With a Robert Rauschenberg retrospective currently at Tate Modern in London, six artists share their personal and professional thoughts on the late master.

  8. Before Realism

    In the seventeenth century, French painters Valentin de Boulogne and the Brothers Le Nain used lessons drawn from Caravaggio to initiate a closer observation of everyday scenes and characters. 

  9. Labor Relations

    For some forty years, Mierle Laderman Ukeles has striven—through artworks, performances, and manifestos—to bring greater recognition to women's domestic labor and the underappreciated services of New York City's Sanitation workers. Yet even she, the author argues, cannot entirely escape the exploitive regime of municipal authorities.

The Music of Chance

Best known as an experimental poet, the multifaceted Jackson Mac Low brought many comparable techniques to his drawings, on view in a solo exhibition that opens this month at the Drawing Center in New York.



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