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  1. Editor's Letter
  2. The Brief

    "Political Populism" at Kunsthalle Wien; Paris Photo; Asia Pacific Triennial; Nari Ward at the Pérez Art Museum Miami; Performa 15 in New York.

  3. Departures


    A.i.A.'s editor-at-large commemorates the idiosyncratic founder of the Fabric Workshop and Museum, Philadelphia, and the A.S.A.P. residency program in Maine.

  4. Issues & Commentary

    Productive Space

    Last summer, a series of in-house exhibitions in the tiny lactation room at New York's Museum of Modern Art gave comfort to working mothers, while highlighting the many social challenges they face.

  5. First Look

    Anthea Hamilton

    Bricks, boots, chastity belts and a gigantic male rump are among the items that British sculptor and installation artists Anthea Hamilton employs to satirize consumer culture.

  6. Atlas Moscow: Good Neighbors

    The government's rejuvenation of neighborhood exhibition spaces and the opening of the new, privately financed Garage Museum of Contemporary Art signal an updating of Russian cultural policy.

  7. Sightlines

    MoMA photography curator Quentin Bajac tells Chris Chang what's on his mind.

  8. Books

    The Feminist Art of Describing

    Sue Taylor onWomen Artists: The Linda Nochlin Reaser;plus related titles in brief.

  9. Backstory

    Heavenly Paris

    The American painter recalls her five years as a Réalités Nouvelles artist in mythic postwar Paris.

  10. Houck's Progress

    The L.A.-based artist, referencing his childhood years on a Lakota Sioux reservation and his architectural training, reveals the layered analog process by which he produced digital-looking effects in a recent series of still-life photographs.

  11. Looking For Utopia

    Better Living Through Artistry

    From the mid-20th century to today, artists have repeatedly sought creative social alternatives, as reflected in Black Mountain College, the hippies, the Porn Art Movement in Brazil and the outsider films of the U.K.'s Ben Rivers.

  12. New Worlds

    Scrutinizing rural hermits, outcasts and commune dwellers in various countries, British filmmaker Ben Rivers seeks a link between individuality and the land.

  13. Transgressive Bodies

    Some 30 years ago, the exuberantly erotic Porn Art Movement eluded the censors of Brazil's staunch military government.

  14. Lines of Thought

    Examining Agnes Martin's traveling retrospective, her recent biographer considers how the formal and spiritual universals the painter sought arose out of the personal conditions she suppressed.

  15. Portfolio

    The German-born artist, now residing in the U.S., presents eight new monotypes featuring her signature mix of bright abstraction and playful figuration.

  16. In the Studio: Amie Siegel

    The New York artist discusses her Chicago origins, her documentary film activities in Germany, and, above all, her 16-year investigation of the nature and mechanics of cinematogrpahy itself. 

  17. Artworld

    People, Awards, Obituaries

Revolution Blues

Hippiedom, celebrated in a traveling exhibition currently at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, had a dark side that encompassed both the elitist self-indulgence of Timothy Leary and the lethal madness of Charles Manson.


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