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Cover: Charles Ray, Horse and Rider, 2015, stainless steel, 109½ by 106 by 40 inches. Courtesy Matthew Marks Gallery, New York.


Table of Contents

  1. Editor's Letter
  2. The Brief

    Sarah Charlesworth survey at New York's New Museum; Moscow's Garage Museum of Contemporary Art reopens; Art Basel; Moholy-Nagy paintings at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art; Arles photo festival; art and music exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art,

  3. Books

    Ray Johnson's Life-Poem

    David Ebony on Ray Johnson's Not Nothing: Selected Writings by Ray Johnson, 195401994 and The Paper Snake; plus related titles in brief.

  4. First Look

    Daniel Heidkamp

    Concentrating on highly tended spaces, New York-based Daniel Heidkamp infuses landscape painting with irony and formal stylization.

  5. Sightlines

    International curator Ute Meta Bauer tells Chris Chang what's on her mind.

  6. Muse: Stuart Hall

    Recalling his beginnings as a filmmaker, Isaac Julien pays homage to an intellectual mentor—radical British social theorist Stuart Hall.

  7. Backstory

    Painting with Dad

    In the early 1950s, a boy's life at home in Paris meant time in the studio "collaborating" with his father, the Hungarian-born painter Simon Hantaï.

  8. The Accidental Abstractionist

    Admired by many young artists today, the endlessly inventive German painter Albert Oehlen combines formal diversity with superb technical skills.

  9. Too Funny for Words

    Why does comedy play such a large role in art today? Is humor as culturally specific as taste? These and other timely questions are addressed in a special A.i.A. section this month.

  10. Stages of Laughter

    Artists Aki Sasamoto, Amy SIllman and Martine Syms along with comedian Kate Berlant reflect on the pleasures and perils of their unorthodox modes of "performance."

  11. Transition Gags

    Artists like Gelitin, Judith Hopf, Antoine Catala and Paul McCarthy forge a seemingly unlikely link between classic slapstick and recent sculpture.

  12. Site-Specific Comedy

    David Robbins's book Concrete Comedy and programs such as the Experimental Comedy Training Camp in Banff, Alberta, urge young art humorists to repond directly to specific locales.

  13. In the Studio: Stanya Kahn

    The Los Angeles-based artist, a veteran of live performance, discusses her use of visual, physical and verbal comedy in the deliberately lo-fi videos and drawings she now produces.

Atlas Cairo: Return Flight

The author says farewell to a city where, under tightening governmental restraints, artistic opportunities are diminishing and archival evidence of past work is scarce.


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