Art In America

Disused manufacturing lofts have historically attracted artists seeking affordable spaces-this is how New York's SoHo came to be, and the "SoHo effect" a widespread model of gentrification. Atlanta's former industrial buildings are being repurposed…Read more

Exactly fifty years ago, Pier Paolo Pasolini,Italy’s controversial writer-activist-filmmaker, made his first of two galvanizing visits to New York.   “ACTOR NEEDED TO PLAY Pier Paolo Pasolini.” Thus reads an untitled 1990 work by Mike Kelley: a mock…Read more

Returning to Las Vegas after more than four decades, Brian O'Doherty finds that enveloping new spectacles have replaced the gigantic signs he once praised in these pages.   TIME IS ODD everywhere, particularly in America, where a century can seem…Read more

THE RUMOR THAT Miami's December art fairs could be called off due to the outbreak of the Zika virus was a perverse reminder of how measured the panic in the city feels. No meltdowns and hyperventilating politicians, no quarantines or doomsday warnings.…Read more

  Our November 2016 issue includes a portfolio of political cartoons by seven artists: Ida Applebroog, Rashid Johnson, Peter Saul, Jim Shaw, Nayland Blake, and Antoni Muntadas and Marshall Reese. In his satiric introduction, offered below, WalterRead more

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