Art In America

Beyond exhibiting design objects, the Cooper Hewitt seeks to transform museumgoers into designers, a tech-driven approach that is creating a new role for cultural institutions. FROM BEHIND the sleek thermoformed desk that curves through the wood-paneled…Read more

Hosting an incubator for creative start-ups, the New Museum has embraced the age of the entrepreneur. In a 1953 profile of Alfred H. Barr Jr., Dwight Macdonald used an economic metaphor to explain the position of the young Museum of Modern Art. The…Read more

As digital technologies enable increasingly accurate reproductions of artworks, museums are grappling with the complex aesthetic, legal, and political implications of copying.   Museum Without Walls I may enter the Metropolitan Museum of Art,…Read more

ON SEPTEMBER 12, 1970, PepsiCo president Donald Kendall made two urgent phone calls to the company’s former lawyer, President Richard Nixon. Kendall was alarmed about the results of the recent presidential elections in Chile, where Salvador Allende had…Read more

THERE'S A CHAIR in artist Willie Birch’s studio in New Orleans’s Seventh Ward. I can’t remember if he ever told me it was “his” chair but, in my many visits to his studio, I’ve never sat in it. I met Birch when I first moved to New Orleans six years…Read more

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