Art In America

While Arthur Russell managed to release only several proper albums before his death from AIDS-related complications in 1992 at age forty, an ongoing effort to collect and release material from his genre-spanning oeuvre has created a sense of sustained…Read more

“I look at this audience, and I don’t see free people. I see intelligent people, but free?” Jazmin Venus Soto, known as DJ Venus X, peppered her panel—the close and highlight of the first day of “Between 0 and 1: Remixing Gender, Technology and Music,” a…Read more

Featured in ecstatic music videos and ceremonial performances, Nina McNeely's choreography is animated by a tension between agency and constraint.   DANCE LIKE the possessed girl from The Ring. The haunted house of hip-hop, birds dropping dead—these…Read more

  Sean Raspet's involvement in meal-replacement start-ups harks back to Bauhaus ambitions to transform everyday life through art.   IN SEPTEMBER 2015, artist Sean Raspet presented two flavored prototypes of Soylent, the ruthlessly efficient…Read more

LAST YEAR, Miami saw the unveiling of several extravagant new structures—including OMA’s Faena Forum cultural center and a pair of condo towers designed by Bjarke Ingels—each one trying to outdo the last and none quite standing out. Collectively, they…Read more

Designs for three major New York parks reconfigure the experience of city life in the twenty-first century.   WATER CITY Once finished, any change in the built environment has a way of settling in quickly to become the new normal. A new park or…Read more

What might feminism's present learn from feminism's past? This question is especially urgent after the terrifying first weeks of Trump's presidency. Some answers may be gleaned from The Town Hall Affair, the Wooster Group's new theatrical production at…Read more

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