Art In America

A traveling exhibition brings the Surrealist paintings and drawings of Art et Liberté, an avant-garde Egyptian art group active during the Second World War, to audiences outside of their country. NEAR THE BEGINNING of Egyptian writer Waguih Ghali’s…Read more

FOR THE PAST four decades, Mimi Gross has lived and worked in a broad, art-filled loft just below Canal Street in Manhattan. Visitors are greeted by an enormous and exuberant painted sculpture—Gross calls it a “2½-D” work—in which the artist portrays…Read more

This year's Shanghai Biennale takes place amid China's new money-fueled turn to Western art. IN 2000, the third Shanghai Biennale marked a turning point in East-West art relations. Fully contemporary and fully international for the first time, the…Read more

  The top of our homepage is blacked out today in solidarity with the J20 art workers’ strike. For information about the strike, as well as updates on protests and events around New York, follow us on Twitter and Instagram (@aianews). A selection of…Read more

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