Art In America

Most people I know think "Post-Internet" is embarrassing to say out loud. But so is most of the language that's used to write about contemporary art, and "Post-Internet" does the job of artspeak so efficiently that people keep saying it, embarrassment…Read more

At times it seems that everything ever written about the 1970s is concerned with demonstrating just how different that decade was from the one that preceded it. At the risk of prolonging this historical cliché, I'd like to note that a lot of 1960s art in…Read more

Amid the glitz of the Art Basel Hong Kong fair last spring, visitors encountered a mysterious black fabric cube, 11½ feet on each side, its surface bearing 13 scroll-like strips of Thai-language script (stylized to resemble Arabic) hovering near…Read more

A few general ideas about art—particularly American art—and the Cold War have long been in circulation. One is that the new, ostensibly imageless postwar abstraction was essentially apolitical. Perhaps functioning in part as an existential response to…Read more

A.i.A. editors suggest a few of the myriad events taking place this week in Los Angeles: a lecture by filmmaker James Benning at the Hammer; a performance by Liz Glynn and Dawn Kasper at Redling Fine Art; a discussion of Marsden Hartley by Lari Pittman…Read more

A.i.A. editors suggest a few of the myriad events taking place this week in New York: Halloween parties at the Storefront for Art and Architecture (brainy) and MoMA PS1 (queeny); a live ballet and video happening at the former 3rd Ward Space in East…Read more

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