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Butt Johnson's "Untitled Floral Pastiche" series consists of four drawings, each of which is organized around a different flower. Johnsons had long considered using ornamental motifs as stock elements in drawings. Last year, CRG Gallery approached the…Read more

Mixed MediaImage courtesy the artist and Macarone Gallery.In his sculpture and installation, Eli Hansen, who lives and works in Tacoma, Washington, creates interactions between objects fraught with cryptic emotional and psychological implications. Most…Read more

Stuart Hawkins says she was never any good at drawing. Upon deciding she to be an artist in the first grade, she arranged toys and stuffed animals, even creating scenes from wrinkles in a bedsheet. Her photographs now, the most recent of which are on…Read more

Born and raised in Reno, Nevada, a city with one museum and one major gallery, Nick Van Woert's mixed-media practice evolved from doodles, drawings, and models, then moved, in architecture school, towards sculpture.  He attended Parsons for his MFA and…Read more

Two slide carousels, 80 slides each, approx. 9-minute loop. Courtesy Callicoon Fine Arts, New York. Though he's been shocking the experimental film world with his Super 8 films about his mysterious family history, gruesome medical procedures, graphic…Read more

Collage and acrylic on paper, thread, string, plastic lid 48 x 30 ¼ in.New York-based artist B. (Bill) Wurtz has been making delicately poetic sculptures for more than four decades, often incorporating everyday household objects into his work. For…Read more

Currently on view in the group show "Redux" at New York's Cristin Tierney Gallery (through Feb. 4) are two works by Joe Fig, both related to his 2009 book on interviews, Inside the Painter's Studio. He's also included in the exhibition "Small Worlds"…Read more

Mixed Media. Courtesy (recently on view at) James Fuentes LLC, New York.For her most recent show, artist and Gang Gang Dance singer Lizzi Bougatsos pulled posters from wheatpasted advertisements for contemporary films, and re-installed them in theatrical…Read more

Mixed Media, 212 x 66 inches, Courtesy the artist.Artist Kirstine Roepstorff was born and trained in Denmark, but lives and works in Berlin. Her complex and fantastical collages use found materials, fabric, and sourced images from books, papers, and…Read more

Acrylic on canvas. Courtesy Anton Kern Gallery, New York.Currently at Anton Kern Gallery, Brian Calvin exhibits new portraits of young, slim women in various generic locales. The Calvin's paintings use a slack Pop vocabulary mixes flat and textural…Read more

Mixed Media"Landscapes! Romance, Recession, and Rottenness," work by Wardell Milan, is currently on view at Taxter and Spengemann Gallery. The New York-based Milan begins with found landscape and still life imagery, injecting them with political and…Read more

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