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Kirstine Roepstorff, Rockin Rocks, Version 3, 2008

Mixed Media, 212 x 66 inches, Courtesy the artist.Artist Kirstine Roepstorff was born and trained in Denmark, but lives and works in Berlin. Her complex and fantastical collages use found materials, fabric, and sourced images from books, papers, and magazines. By removing the images from their original context and regrouping and reforming associations, she creates alternate worlds that challenge the stability of the world from which those images were culled. Work by the artist is currently on view at RH Gallery in New York.

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Sabine Hornig

Berlin-based Sabine Hornig titled her exhibition at Tanya Bonakdar “Transparent Things“ after Nabokov's 1972 novel of the same name; both the show and the book address the overlap and interaction of time, memory and reality. Hornig’s large-scale...

Luther Price: #9, 2012

Two slide carousels, 80 slides each, approx. 9-minute loop. Courtesy Callicoon Fine Arts, New York. Though he's been shocking the experimental film world with his Super 8 films about his mysterious family history, gruesome medical procedures,...

B Wurtz, Untitled, 2010

Collage and acrylic on paper, thread, string, plastic lid 48 x 30 ¼ in.New York-based artist B. (Bill) Wurtz has been making delicately poetic sculptures for more than four decades, often incorporating everyday household objects into his work. For...

Joe Fig, Inka Essenhigh, 2005

Currently on view in the group show "Redux" at New York's Cristin Tierney Gallery (through Feb. 4) are two works by Joe Fig, both related to his 2009 book on interviews, Inside the Painter's Studio. He's also included in the exhibition "Small...

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