Jack Hanley

March 03, 2011 @ INDEPENDENT, New York


The trick to INDEPENDENT is that it sublimates the commerce by presenting itself as one large group exhibition. Booths are open and bathed in a bright-white paintjob and industrial-strength neon. Because the selection of galleries was tight, and because of the general lack of -few clear divisions between booths, galleries spilled out of their loosely defined borders-a communal atmosphere prevailed. The first to greet visitors upon entrance to the main floor was the affable Hudson of Feature Inc, whose playful area was dotted with colorful abstractions by Andrew Masullo. The gallerist, who recently moved from Chelsea to the Lower East Side, hadn't participated in the Armory Show since it moved far west. Looking relaxed in bright ethnic prints and lounging in a chair in a position more suitable for a lazy Sunday than an art fair, he noted how manageable in size the INDEPENDENT was, adding that, "this fair is more realistic.-YASHA WALLIN