Allegra LaViola, Jennifer Catron and Paul Outlaw

July 28, 2012 @ Basilica Hudson

Neither stormy weather nor the Summer Olympics could deter a curious art crowd from packing the massive Basilica Hudson, a reclaimed 19th century factory in Hudson, New York, for the second edition of NADA Hudson. Styled like a sprawling exhibition of sculpture, installation and performance, the fair offered 48 artist projects and a continuous video program organized by Miami art documentary producer Grela Orihuela. "We really tightened it up this year," said NADA president Nicelle Beauchene. "The exhibitors were only allowed to bring one piece by one artist. It takes NADA back to the original mission, with its grass roots feeling and community vibe." Artists in Hudson added to that spirit by opening up their studios and organizing local exhibitions, while the new art project space CR10 launched its premiere show with a round of performances and the venerable Olana, the former hilltop home of Hudson River School painter Frederic Church, hosted a reception on its terrace overlooking the Hudson Valley view that inspired his art.—Paul Laster