May Andersen, Julian Schnabel and Anne Pasternak

May 01, 2013 @

Creative Time, a New York public art organization, hosted its annual spring fundraiser on Tuesday at the abandoned Domino Sugar Factory on the Brooklyn waterfront-an event dedicated to honoring artist and director Julian Schnabel. The Domino factory, a sprawling, industrial-era relic, had never been opened for a large public gathering of this kind.

Towering sculptures of patinated bronze and large, cross-shaped paintings by Schnabel decorated the inside of one of the factory's hangar-sized spaces, where guests went for dinner after sunset. Schnabel made the paintings the day Cy Twombly died, he said: "I walked into this room and it seemed like they made sense here."

Guests were served from a dinner menu designed by chef Mario Batali and entertained by music by Laurie Anderson. Legendary wit and talk show host Dick Cavett delivered zingers about Schnabel that were tough to hear over the chattering crowd; Schnabel thanked everyone for the honors bestowed, but admonished the audience for talking over Cavett. "You would've done much better to listen to Dick," he said. "He's funnier and smarter." —Austin Considine