Art In America

From Saddam Hussein's didactic speeches on democracy (yes, really) to a strangely poetic collection of GIFs with quasi-philosophical captions, the catalogue of Brooklyn publisher Badlands Unlimited is as wide-reaching as the work of its founder, artist…Read more

At first glance, ebooks and artist's books seem the perfect marriage. The multimedia and interactive features possible in ebooks provide fertile ground for experimentation. Images and text can move, expand and contract; they can be combined with video…Read more

Curious about new Chinese art but can't afford a ticket to Beijing? Try Florida. "My Generation: Young Chinese Artists," including 27 artists under 39, was organized by New York-based Barbara Pollack, author of The Wild, Wild East: An American ArtRead more

The "lights out" factory—devoid of humans, run entirely by machines—has long been a dream for industrial manufacturers. Twenty-five-year-old, New York-based artist Wyatt Niehaus describes it as "an entirely automated factory—one that could run without…Read more

Family histories can be hazy and elusive. Tris Vonna-Michell mines this territory in his slide-and-audio work Postscript III (Berlin), 2014, part of a project ongoing for several years. The latest iteration of the installation, on view at New York's…Read more

Who doesn't love the Hairy Who? That's the implicit message of Hairy Who & The Chicago Imagists, a new documentary film directed by Leslie Buchbinder, the daughter of Chicago collectors Henry and Gilda Buchbinder. Featuring some 40 interviews plus…Read more

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