Art In America

Sondra Perry’s Lineage for a Multiple-Monitor Work-station: Number One (2015) is a hypnotizing video that explores the relationship between identity and ritual. Perry, who graduated from Columbia’s MFA program last year, uses her personal history as a…Read more

In the early hours of Nov. 9, 2015, artist Pyotr Pavlensky set fire to the entrance to the Moscow headquarters of Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB). He’s now in jail, awaiting trial for vandalism. It’s not the first time the actionist has run afoul…Read more

Pioneering modernist Joaquín Torres-García brought avant-garde boldness to his native Uruguay and a new awareness of Latin American art to the U.S. and Europe.   Teardrop-shaped Uruguay is tucked between Brazil and Argentina, its southwest border…Read more

        In the 1930s American sculptor Malvina Hoffman, who studied with the likes of Auguste Rodin, undertook a series of 104 bronzes depicting racial types for Chicago's Field Museum of Natural History. The resulting ethnographic exhibit, theRead more

New York-based artist Firelei Báez imagines how bodies (especially of women and people of color), landscapes and ornaments bear traces of colonial migration. Her dense, painterly compositions utilize figuration and patterning to evoke the hybrid…Read more

A legend among comics fans, Jack Kirby was the gifted, overworked illustrator who made Marvel Comics possible. Two recent exhibitions reveal his artwork as an inventive “side-channel” within pictorial modernism.   The world of traditional comics is a…Read more

Early last fall, I spoke with Carroll Dunham at his drawing studio, a small, sunlit room in the corner of his Williamsburg apartment overlooking the East River. At the time, he was preparing to move to another floor in the building, and there was scant…Read more

Every Xmas my family would receive a variety of gift packages from customers and merchants my father did business with throughout the year. Bottles of VO and Canadian Club, fruitcakes and boxes filled with fruits and nuts could always be expected. But…Read more

For his latest body of portraiture, Awol Erizku hired 33 young Ethiopian sex workers to pose in hotel rooms around Addis Ababa. “New Flower: Images of the Reclining Venus” (2015), the resulting series of large-format C-prints now on view at the Flag…Read more

  The designers of the Broad, a new contemporary art museum in Los Angeles, earned the reputation that positioned them for such a commission with a very different sort of work. From the late 1970s to the late 1990s, Elizabeth Diller and Ricardo…Read more

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