Art In America

  Sean Raspet's involvement in meal-replacement start-ups harks back to Bauhaus ambitions to transform everyday life through art.   IN SEPTEMBER 2015, artist Sean Raspet presented two flavored prototypes of Soylent, the ruthlessly efficient…Read more

LAST YEAR, Miami saw the unveiling of several extravagant new structures—including OMA’s Faena Forum cultural center and a pair of condo towers designed by Bjarke Ingels—each one trying to outdo the last and none quite standing out. Collectively, they…Read more

Designs for three major New York parks reconfigure the experience of city life in the twenty-first century.   WATER CITY Once finished, any change in the built environment has a way of settling in quickly to become the new normal. A new park or…Read more

A traveling exhibition brings the Surrealist paintings and drawings of Art et Liberté, an avant-garde Egyptian art group active during the Second World War, to audiences outside of their country. NEAR THE BEGINNING of Egyptian writer Waguih Ghali’s…Read more

FOR THE PAST four decades, Mimi Gross has lived and worked in a broad, art-filled loft just below Canal Street in Manhattan. Visitors are greeted by an enormous and exuberant painted sculpture—Gross calls it a “2½-D” work—in which the artist portrays…Read more

This year's Shanghai Biennale takes place amid China's new money-fueled turn to Western art. IN 2000, the third Shanghai Biennale marked a turning point in East-West art relations. Fully contemporary and fully international for the first time, the…Read more

WHEN WE MET last fall, I told Meredith Monk that my favorite work of hers is Turtle Dreams (1983), originally televised on WGBH, Boston’s public station. She was incredulous to learn that the twenty-five minute video piece, which features a quartet of…Read more

THE TUBES OF Walter K. Scott's neon sign Headbanger (for Shelley), 2016, flash sequentially on and off, causing a cartoonish head to spin vertically round and round. Because the head doesn't fling itself back and forth as a punk's would, but inscribes an…Read more

  Concurrent exhibitions devoted to Valentin de Boulogne and the Brothers Le Nain highlight the prescience and grittiness of seventeenth-century French painting. ONE NIGHT IN Rome, in the summer of 1632, an expat French painter named Valentin de…Read more

THE JAPANESE CERAMIC mending technique of kintsugi involves repairing broken vessels with lacquer mixed with gold or other precious metals. Instead of being hidden, seams are highlighted and carefully articulated. The object’s history is made visible,…Read more

Mierle Laderman Ukeles, known for championing those who do uncelebrated work, has served the NYC Sanitation Department since the 1970s—but to what effect? ON JUNE 13, 1974, Mierle Laderman Ukeles was on her knees in front of A.I.R., the noted New York…Read more

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