Art In America

The premiere of a new installation by Dara Birnbaum is a significant event. Since the 1970s she has produced a focused body of work comprising videos and installations that illuminate the media politics of the moments in which they were made. The…Read more

Leonardo da Vinci’s unrealized design for a sequin machine is an oddity in the history of innovations that make erstwhile luxuries more accessible. Sequins are plastered on everything: flip flops, cotton T-shirts, canvas tote bags, sneakers—even Ugg…Read more

As a collaborator, an impresario and a media personality, Charlotte Moorman has evaded conventional categories of art history. But a recent biography and a traveling exhibition give her legacy the attention it is due. Merce Cunningham once sniffed in…Read more

Looking over my notes on Erin Markey’s A Ride on the Irish Cream, an outrageous musical comedy that premiered at New York’s Abrons Arts Center in January, I find this line in all caps and underlined (twice): “dumpster cheeseburger ass.” I can’t…Read more

Syncopation involves a rhythm that disturbs our perception of time as a regular flow, producing the feeling that time may be coming out of joint. In music, syncopation is intrinsically connected to the offbeat. Contrary to the beat, the offbeat is the…Read more

In a New York retrospective, the Swiss artist team alternately indulges and challenges audiences with their videos, photos and sculptures.  Repetition and Difference is a small, unfired-clay sculpture of two smiling, cartoonish, bowler-hatted figures,…Read more

Michael Heizer’s museum installations balance Land art’s monumentality with its mediated representations. Land art was photogenic out of necessity. The large-scale outdoor sculptures that artists in the U.S. and Europe created in the 1960s and ’70s,…Read more

Lima is difficult to love at first sight. Half the year, the Peruvian capital is shrouded by unceasing cloud cover. The population, approaching 10 million, sprawls over disjointed neighborhoods and unplanned districts. Traffic clogs roads at all hours;…Read more

The Metropolitano, Lima’s rapid transit bus line, snakes along the city’s north-south axis. In recent years Lima has profited from economic growth, and nowhere is this more apparent than toward the southern end of the Metropolitano’s route, where it…Read more

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