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    An exhibition of rare Hellenistic bronzes reveals challenges to scholarship in the field and invites new questions about the nature of life and art in Greek Antiquity. “Power and Pathos: Bronze Sculpture of the Hellenistic World” may be the most…Read more

In his first feature film, video artist Omer Fast continues to explore questions of memory and power. Every two minutes more photos are taken in the United States than were taken worldwide in the entire 19th century:1 the rate of capturing and…Read more

  In 2014, Moscow’s Department of Culture launched an initiative to refurbish 20 city-owned exhibition spaces in nine bedroom communities and staff them with innovative curators. Most of the venues have operated since the 1960s and ’70s, when the…Read more

Best known for her cinematic video Provenance (2013)—which traces the ownership history of chairs designed by Le Corbusier and Pierre Jeanneret from their current well-heeled owners back to the government buildings in Chandigarh, India, for which they…Read more

Although associated with Minimalism, Agnes Martin endeavored to express universal conditions of being in her work.   The traveling survey of Agnes Martin’s work that debuted this summer at Tate Modern in London offers an opportunity to reconsider an…Read more

Leading up to A.i.A. cover artist Frank Stella's retrospective at the Whitney Museum of American Art (Oct. 30-Feb. 7, 2016), we present Philip Leader's survey of Stella's paintings from the 1970s, originally published in our March/April 1978 issue.…Read more

    The minimal forms of Math Bass’s paintings and sculptures reflect a playful attitude toward philosophical questions about identity and bodily experience.    Gabriel Lippmann’s foremost contributions to turn-of-the-century science were the color…Read more

“What is art?” hasn’t been an interesting question for a long time, but the query “What is it that artists do?” might be. We know that artists make art, but what about all the other things they do as artists? I’m not thinking here of the many artists who…Read more

In 1913, to celebrate Mardi Gras, Joseph Stella took a bus ride to Coney Island that changed his life. The Italian immigrant painter remembered that up until this point he had been “struggling . . . working along the lines of the old masters, seeking…Read more

  A few years ago, I followed friends to a celebration, not knowing the occasion. Down the steps, at the back of the bar, people were making passionate speeches in honor of the birthday girl. “When I was pregnant, Lisa asked if she could watch me give…Read more

The Museum of Modern Art's Pablo Picasso retrospective of 1980 attracted over a million visitors, putting an unprecedented strain on the museum's finances, physical plant and staff. In A.i.A.'s December 1980 issue, dedicated to Picasso, Roberta SmithRead more

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