Art In America

As digital imaging flourishes, some artists find themselves drawn in a very different direction––toward physicality and unorthodox processes. HERE WE ARE, at the highest peak yet in photography's technological climb toward ease and efficiency. It…Read more

Throughout her four-decade career, Louise Lawler has quietly upended inherited notions of what artists do, where their work is displayed, and how they relate to other artists.   In playing with shadows, of course, you're also doing somethingRead more

EVERYTHING ARTHUR JAFA produces is aimed at the articulation of a black cinema that, as is his mantra, "replicates the power, beauty, and alienation of black music."The artist, writer, and filmmaker asks: what could black philosophy look like if given…Read more

With irreverent humor, Jimmie Durham confronts the fraught history of the United States and his own complex relationship to native identity.   Hello! I'm Jimmie Durham. I want to explain a few basic things about myself: in 1986 I was 46 years old.Read more

Bernard Buffet's Paris retrospective revealed a multifaceted oeuvre that evokes social and psychological issues far beyond the appeal of his popular clown pictures.   BERNARD BUFFET (1928–1999) was once seen as the quintessential young French postwar…Read more

  BRITISH ARTIST Ryan Gander is an ideas man. They are his métier and material, not just because he is a conceptual artist but also because he has an insatiable, childlike curiosity about everything. Arriving before Christmas at Gander's studio in a…Read more

ON JANUARY 27, barely a week into his presidency, Donald Trump signed an executive order that temporarily barred nationals of seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States. The immediate ramifications were catastrophic for refugees in…Read more

WHEN ANICKA YI began making art in her late thirties with no formal training, her entry point was unusual: a self-directed study of science. She doesn’t fully identify with the term “artist.” The art world was not her destination but simply a receptive…Read more

Exhibitions on Martin Luther and the Reformation explore authoritarianism and dissent in the first media age.   IT IS APT that in this American winter of misinformation, xenophobia, and false prophets—this winter of resistance and…Read more

David Reed exhibited a group of work in 1975 at Susan Caldwell Gallery in New York. A traveling show reunites these Brushstroke paintings for new audiences.   A Parable At the age of twenty-nine a New York artist has his first solo show. Hanging in…Read more

THE WINTER OF 1981–82 was one of the coldest on record for New York City. In the fall, Tehching Hsieh, a then little-known performance artist and an illegal immigrant from Taiwan, had declared that he would not take shelter for an entire year. So…Read more

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