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All of the art collectives Ben Jones has been involved in—most visibly Paper Radio with Christopher Forgues and Paper Rad with Jacob and Jessica Ciocci—have been characterized by a weird mix of punk sloppiness and obsessive attention to detail: their…Read more

Over the past year, Art in America has published several articles that examine comics as both a popular medium and a site of artistic experimentation. Alexi Worth explored Jack Kirby’s eccentric and visionary superhero art in our January issue, and Dan…Read more

 “The family is a system of regeneration,” chanted a group of dancers, huddled on the lawn next to Philip Johnson’s modernist Glass House, toward the end of Gerard & Kelly’s Modern Living. Performed last weekend on the grounds of Johnson’s estate in New…Read more

Over the weekend, Bay Area residents got a first look inside a $305-million addition to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA). The new ten-story building, clad with a rippling, glacier-like facade and designed by the Norwegian firm Snøhetta,…Read more

Rome has been waiting for contemporary works of public art that can stand up to the historic city’s glorious monuments from the Renaissance and antiquity. Where the architects Richard Meier and Zaha Hadid tried, and failed in the opinion of many,…Read more

A major fault line hugs the coast of the Persian Gulf, where the Arabian plate grinds up against Eurasia. The historic rivalry between Iran and the Arab nations across the Gulf underwrites today’s increasingly tense jostling for territory, religious…Read more

Alex Da Corte adapts his work to the environments where he exhibits it, developing total installations that respond to the spirit and space of the venue. For “Free Roses,” his first museum survey, the Philadelphia-based artist has absorbed the…Read more

  For a moment, Seth Price dropped out of the art world. In the summer of 2013, he stopped producing new work, laid off his assistants, canceled his upcoming exhibitions, and requested that online magazines remove articles written about him. He did…Read more

C. Spencer Yeh modestly describes himself as an “uncoordinated and tone-deaf” musician, but that hasn’t lessened the demand for his performances at high-profile art venues. Over the next few weeks, he will present vocal abstractions, violin…Read more

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