Art In America

Only in France, perhaps, could a Sunday outing entail an exercise in visual philosophy—one combining formal rigor with a whiff of historical decadence. But that's exactly what's on offer now at the royal palace of Versailles outside Paris. There Lee…Read more

Claude Simard, artist and co-founder of New York's Jack Shainman Gallery, died on Tuesday, June 24. A statement released by the gallery describes his death as "sudden." The cause of his passing has not been disclosed. Simard and Shainman launched Jack…Read more

Abstract painter Jennifer Wynne Reeves died Sunday, June 22 at 51 from brain cancer. Born in Royal Oak, Mich., the artist had lived in New York State for nearly 20 years. Her works combined painted abstractions with bits of things—wire, hair, popsicle…Read more

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