The E! network is planning "Gallerina," a scripted, hour-long show to take place amidst the Los Angeles art gallery scene, according to Deadline Hollywood.

What will it be like? Well, one of the executive producers, Mark Waters, is also the director behind the 2004 Lindsay Lohan vehicle Mean Girls, Deadline reports. NBC Universal, which owns E!, did not immediately respond to a request for further information about air date and other details.

The young woman at the center of "Gallerina" will work at "the Bettencourt Gallery, which symbolizes L.A. as the prestigious new center of the art world," according to the story, which also indicates that the show will be written by Michelle McGrath.

Gallery employees are finding no shortage of screen time lately, what with Bravo's "Gallery Girls," in which various young women try to make it in the New York art world, as well as Lena Dunham's HBO show "Girls," in which the character Marnie Michaels works at a New York art gallery.

The plot of "Gallerina" promises plenty of intrigue, Deadline reports: "Navigating the collision of moneyed elite, emerging artists and established players, not to mention the gallery's womanizing namesake and her iconic mother, will put both her brains and morals to the test."