Conrad Shawcross's second solo exhibition in New York closes this coming Friday, June 10th at Cabinet magazine's space, in Brooklyn. The show, Pre-Retroscope VI: Gowanus Journey, is the product of his one-man voyage earlier this summer, where he traversed the Gowanus canal in a hand-built rowboat. [See Pre-Retroscope: Conrad Shawcross Charts the Gowanus Canal, posted on Art in America online June 19th, 2009.] The vessel is outfitted with a camera mounted on a circular track that captured a panoramic view of Shawcross's journey; in the gallery, the camera was swapped out for a slide projector and screen, where documentary footage was screened. On June 20th, Shawcross spoke about his work at the gallery. Here, he shares that conversation with Art in America online.