For those who have the 55th Venice Biennale on their itineraries, we offer quick picks in the form of slide shows, appearing over the coming days, of one- and two-person shows at the national pavilions. With 88 countries participating, 10 for the first time, it's impossible to be comprehensive. So we aim to serve visitors with limited time, attending just the two main venues: Giardini and Arsenale. Wherever you wander in Venice, however, keep your eyes peeled for the red Biennale logo, signaling nationals tucked into churches and palazzi.

FLOATING PARTY: PORTUGAL (Canal) Docked outside the Giardini is Trafaria Praia, Joana Vasconcelos's ferry pavilion, tiled with a blue-and-white panorama of Lisbon. Within: cork fixtures; shelves of artist-made, Portugal-themed souvenirs; and a darkened below-deck lounge decorated in crocheted and quilted soft sculptures with blinking lights. Excursions include native music.

The Portuguese pavilion was curated by Miguel Amado.