Virginia Overton installing her new work at Storm King Art Center. Photo Motoko Fukuyama.

A new sculpture by Virginia Overton, stretching nearly 500 feet, will greet visitors to Storm King Art Center when it opens Apr. 2 for the 2014 season. The commissioned work consists of a 488-foot-long brass tube that stretches across the landscape of the 500-acre sculpture park in Mountainville, N.Y. Standing atop steel rods, the tube will appear to float above the tall grasses as they grow during the coming months and hide the supports. The show officially opens May 3 and will remain on view through Nov. 9.

"It's the biggest thing I've ever made, but outdoors it takes on such a different scale—it doesn't seem quite so large!" the Tennessee-born, Brooklyn-based artist, 42, told A.i.A. Known for her use of everyday materials in installations that take careful account of their surroundings, Overton shows in New York with Mitchell-Innes & Nash, and has had exhibitions at Kunsthalle Bern and New York's The Kitchen; she'll have a solo at the Museum of Contemporary Art North Miami (opening Apr. 17).

"I wanted to make something that would integrate itself into the landscape in a certain way," Overton said. "The tube acts as a sort of drawing—depending on your vantage point, it can seem like a very delicate line across the landscape."

Brass was a careful choice, the artist explained. The fact that the metal will take on a patina over the months it is exhibited is significant, as the color will change along with the landscape as colors change with the seasons.

Also, musical instruments are made of the metal, and the tube is intended to carry sound. "You'll be able to speak through the tube to someone at the opposite end. I hope that will create an intimate space in the vast landscape," Overton said.

Also on view this season will be "Zhang Huan: Evoking Tradition" (May 3-Nov. 9).