A.i.A. editors suggest a few of the myriad events taking place this week in Los Angeles: a conversation between Alice Wang and Michael Ned Holte at the 18th Street Arts Center; a day of French Revolution-era art and culture at the Getty Center; the political performance work, Candidate, at the Church of the Epiphany; and a presentation of Renée Green's new book at the MAK Center.

Friday, Jan. 23, 6 - 8 p.m.
Conversation | Alice Wang & Michael Ned Holte

Art, technology and mystery always factor into Toronto-based artist Alice Wang's work; her new show at the 18th Street Arts Center is no exception. A multimedia mélange of scientific objects-organic materials (including minerals and fossils) arranged on a large sheet of plexiglas, a painting made on copper with corrosive acid-comprise a strange and wonderful exhibition that will be on view through Feb. 23. Wang will discuss the show and more with Michael Ned Holte, who co-curated the Hammer Museum's "Made in L.A." biennial.
18th Street Arts Center
, 1639 18th St., Santa Monica

Sunday, Jan. 24, 7:30 p.m.
Luxury and Liberation: Art and Revolution in 18th Century France

The Getty Center already has a bit of a modern day Versailles feel, with its resplendent Robert Irwin-designed garden and sprawling luxurious buildings, but the museum is going all out with a full program of talks, tours and musical performances focusing on 18th-century French culture. The schedule features a glance at select pieces from the Getty's furniture collection, which includes such gems as the chair in which Marie Antoinette had her hair and make-up done; a talk titled "Luxury and Liberation: Art on the Eve of Rebellion" by Charissa Bremer-David, curator of sculpture and decorative arts at the Getty Museum; as well as French food and an recital of classical French tunes by the L.A. Opera. The all-day event will set you back $60, but what's that for a taste of the aristocracy.
The Getty Center
, 1200 Getty Center Dr.

Sunday, Jan. 25 and Monday, Jan. 26, 7 p.m.
Candidate: Execution in Progress

The Church of the Ephiphany, a lush and ornate Anglican church in downtown Los Angeles, isn't the kind of place you'd expect to come across a political musical that deals with "sexual identities, diversity, and power structures in social life, as they manifest in the dynamics of cultural presentation." But that's exactly what Candidate, a collaboration between Michele Pauli (of Italian reggae/trip-hop group Casino Royale) and artists Lovett/Codagnone (known for their work pairing S&M gay subculture with ordinary domestic scenes) claims it will do. West of Rome's Emi Fontana produced the project.
Church of the Epiphany
, 2808 Altura St.

Wednesday, Jan. 28, 7 p.m.
Renée Green: Other Planes of There Book Presentation

Artist Renée Green's new exhibition "Begin Again, Begin Again," featuring the artist's film, audio, architectural and sculptural work, is on view through Mar. 29, at the R.M. Schindler house. The show coincides with Green's recently released book of essays, Other Planes of There (Duke University Press), and she will discuss this book, her work, and more with professors Gloria Sutton and Nizan Shaked on Wednesday.
MAK Center at the Schindler House, 835 N. Kings Rd.