Susan Berman in Smithereens, 1982. Courtesy Cinefamily, Los Angeles.

A.i.A. editors suggest a few of the myriad events in Los Angeles this week: a panel on Octavia E. Butler at LFLA; a screening of Smithereens at Cinefamily; an opening of film work by Mariah Garnett at Ltd Los Angeles; a projection performance by Sandra Gibson and Luis Recoder at REDCAT; and a conversation between Sarah Michelson and Anne Lobst (DANCENOISE) and curator Jay Sanders at ArtCenter Pasadena.

Thursday, March 10, 7:15 p.m.

Panel Discussion: Octavia E. Butler’s Los Angeles

Los Angeles’s Octavia E. Butler (1947-2006) was a critically acclaimed science fiction writer and one of the few African-American women in the field. A dystopic L.A. was often the setting for her short stories and novels. The Library Foundation of Los Angeles presents a panel discussion on the legacy of Butler’s work featuring  filmmaker Ben Caldwell, writers Ayana A. H. Jamieson and Nisi Shawl, poet Douglas Kearney, essayist Tisa Bryant, and writer and scholar DJ Lynnee Denise.

LFLA, 630 West 5th Street

Friday, March 11, 7:30 p.m.

Screening: Smithereens

As part of its retrospective series, “Underground USA: Indie Cinema of the 80s,” Susan Seidelman’s Smithereens (1982) plays at Cinefamily. The director will also be present. Starring actress Susan Berman in her first role and Richard Hell, the film—the first American Independent film invited to premiere at Cannes—is a 16mm time capsule of early ’80s New York. Seidelman will also be in attendance the following night with actress Rosanna Arquette for a screening of her sophomore film, Desperately Seeking Susan (1985).

Cinefamily, 611 North Fairfax Avenue


Saturday, March 12, 5:00 p.m.

Opening: Mariah Garnett, Other & Father

Ltd Los Angeles presents a film project by Belfast-based artist Mariah Garnett. Other & Father (2015) is a 16mm double projection of a 1971 BBC news special featuring the artist’s father on one side and a shot-by-shot remake with Garnett playing her father on the other. The original film told the story of her teenage father’s “mixed” Catholic/Protestant relationship with a girlfriend, played by Robyn Reihill, a trans actress, in Garnett’s remake.

Ltd Los Angeles, 7561 West Sunset Boulevard

Monday, March 14, 8:30 p.m.

Projection performance: Sandra Gibson and Luis Recoder, Dark Chamber Disclosure

New York duo Gibson + Recoder use celluloid loops, gels, crystals, and their own hand gestures to disrupt the beams of 35mm film projectors, creating screening experiments inspired by cinema, but not much resembling it. Dark Chamber Disclosure is of a kind with the expanded cinema experiments of the 1960s and 1970s, but its effect are more like a proto-film experience, recalling the phenomenological associations of the camera obscura.

REDCAT, 631 West 2nd Street

Tuesday, March 15, 7:30 p.m.

Talk: Sarah Michelson and Anne Lobst (DANCENOISE) in conversation with Jay Sanders

New York-based Michelson and Lobst began making dance-based performances in 1983, coming out of the East Village’s nightclub scene. Combining dance and cabaret with punk aggression and no-wave experimentation, their shows were legendary among the few who got to see them. The Whitney Museum in New York presented “DANCENOISE: Don't Look Back,” a weeklong presentation of their work in July 2015.This Tuesday, Whitney performance curator Jay Sanders speaks with the duo as part of ArtCenter Pasadena’s Graduate Lecture series.    

Los Angeles Times Media Center, 1700 Lida Street, Pasadena