Pilvi Takala, Real Snow White, 2009, HD video, 9 minutes 15 seconds. Courtesy Carlos/Ishikawa, London.


A screening of new videos by nine artists and artist groups this week at Electronic Arts Intermix explores the possibilities of "unfaithful simulations, imperfect replication, and the slightly wrong."

Artists' versions of the sweet spot of the just-wrong-enough include Stewart Uoo's video marrying audio recordings of Cosmopolitan confessions with first-person-shooter video game imagery, as well as art collective/brand Shanzhai Biennial's "polished, high-definition series of nested, interlocking, and utterly inaccurate bootlegs."

Also included are videos by Oliver Laric, Liz Magic Laser, llya Lipkin & Joen Vedel, Takeshi Murata & Billy Grant, Rachel Rose, Georgia Sagri and Pilvi Takala.

The screening takes place Wednesday at 6:30 at Electronic Arts Intermix, 535 W 22 St., 5th floor.