Art In America

An Appreciation of Ada Louise Huxtable

Her prose reflected her position. It was by no means fancy. She liked short, declarative sentences, but not in the assertive manner of Esther McCoy. The founding full-time architecture critic for the New York Times (between 1962 and 1982), her...

Lebbeus Woods

Imagine, snaking through Berlin's subway tunnels during the Cold War era, bulbous pods filled with scientists. The pods burst out of the city's center, eventually tethering themselves to the Eiffel Tower. The American architect Lebbeus Woods...

Heading up the Biennial Department: Q+A With Terence Riley

Architect Terence Riley, formerly a curator at New York's Museum of Modern Art and most recently director of the Miami Art Museum, is Shenzen's first non-Chinese appointee (Hong Kong's curators are Gene K King and Anderson Lee). He heads a team of...

From the Archives: The Museum of the Third Kind

In which the author envisions new directions for the art museum as audiences change, architecture evolves, institutions subdivide and electronic resources expand our capabilities and expectations.

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