Art In America

Gambaroff, Rayne, Quaytman, Krebber

This exhibition of mostly new paintings by Nikolas Gambaroff, Michael Krebber, R. H. Quaytman, and Blake Rayne, raises colorful questions about the past present, and future of painting. Thomas Duncan, Steinar Sekkingstad and Solveig Øvstebø organized...

Melanie Gilligan

Popular Unrest, a new feature-length film by London- and New York-based artist Melanie Gilligan, taps into the collectively insatiable desire for crime dramas and tech fantasy, and Hollywood's management of our fears about free will and government....

Adaptation: Between Species

The relationship between humans and the natural world oscillates between tenderness, evident in intimate relationships such as those of pets and owners, gardeners and carefully cultivated plots, and the antagonism which characterizes industrial-scale...

Prow and Anti-Prow

PROW refers to the collaboration of artists Peter Rostovsky and Olav Westphalen, modeled after the organization of film studios.

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