Art In America

Shanghai Synergy

While Europe and the US continue to regard contemporary Chinese art with skepticism, curators and collectors in China now foster a dynamic mix of Eastern and Western works, as the current Shanghai Biennale and its often glitzy attendant events testify.

Overview: Los Angeles Reflections

Type “Los Angeles” into the search box of and you will see over seventy thousand images, many of which look very much the same. For the works in a recent exhibition at Gagosian in Beverly Hills, Alex Israel spent what must have been...

Saved by the Bell

When it comes to "Saved by the Bell," the Disney Channel/NBC sitcom that ran from 1989 to '93, I was a believer.

Alex Israel

Alex Israel has consistently explored the vacuity of celebrity culture in his hometown, Los Angeles.

The Azoulay Accords

The fact that I was reading Ariella Azoulay’s The Civil Contract of Photography in April, as the news media reported the potential release of yet more photos of torture at Abu Ghraib prison (including, allegedly, pictures of rape), was a matter of...

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