Art In America

Unknown Makers

Casts and copies once played a key role in education of artists and their public. Will the ever-proliferating, ever-improving images and 3D reproductions made possible by new technology soon become fully legal and critically legitimate?

Annual Report 2014: GlblVlgIdiot

A collaborative project from A.i.A’s Nov. 2014 issue offers a status update on The Web, a visionary attempt at reuniting art and life developed by a guru/entrepreneur known as the Global Village Idiot.

The Agenda: This Week in New York

A.i.A. editors suggest a few of the myriad events taking place in New York this week: an experimental work by composer MV Carbon; a talk about art collectives at Frieze New York; an event exploring intersections of art, commerce and hip-hop; a book...

Speaking of People: Ebony, Jet and Contemporary Art

“Speaking of People: EbonyJet and Contemporary Art,” at the Studio Museum in Harlem, registered the importance of these magazines not simply as archives of representations of race, but as materials with which so many African-Americans worked to make...

Ninth Bienal Do Mercosul

Perched on a cluster of sun-bleached rocks that barely protrudes from the Guaíba Lake—or river, depending on whom you ask—a former prison for political dissenters and other miscreants steadily erodes, turning from bastion of Brazil's Department of...

Sound Control

Imagine an "expert listener" ensconced in an ideal listening environment: a medium-size room with a carpeted floor and an array of sound-absorbing acoustical foam.

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