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A Remixed Museum: The Louvre Abu Dhabi

All in all, while the Louvre Abu Dhabi can seem in places like an art-historical CliffsNotes, the ambition to reshuffle the deck and the fabulous objects thus brought together make the museum a...

Gutai: Splendid Playground

The burst of energy that was Gutai, far from being an isolated Japanese phenomenon following World War II, was akin to Happenings in the U.S. and to Informel, CoBrA and other experimental movements in Europe.

Gagosian Speaks in Abu Dhabi

Is it as big a deal as when Garbo talked? Maybe: the circumspect dealer almost never takes the stage. But he broke that rule at a panel on collecting in the VIP lounge of the new Abu Dhabi Art Fair. GoGo's charge was to offer "tips to the discerning...

Jean Nouvel Promises a Rain of Light for Abu Dhabi

Architect Jean Nouvel puffed out his chest and gestured at his latest masterpiece—the Louvre Abu Dhabi, or at least a scale model of it. The Pritzker Prize-winning French builder was giving a tour of the construction site where, three years from now,...

Jeff Koons on the Culture of Abu Dhabi

Today, the inaugural Abu Dhabi Art Fair opens in the United Arab Emirates. 50 art dealers, including powerhouses Gagosian, Acquavella, White Cube and Pace Wildenstein are represented. Many of these galleries are setting up booths in the Middle East...

Weekly Bulletin: September 17

In this week's bulletin, Alexandra Peers has flowers for Georgia O'Keeffe, introduces the first female president of the ADAA, and a more productive take on mob mentality in the art world.

Gallery Cheat Sheets: Walking Guides for the Weekend

Today, Thursday, September 10, about 75 New York galleries will re-open for the season, snapping the art world awake after a sleepy summer. Opening receptions are generally connected by long, winding walks through Chelsea or the Lower East Side,...

Weekly Bulletin: August 28

In this week's bulletin, Alexandra Peers reveals "Project Runway" host Tim Gunn as a supporter of underdog Minimalists, and investigates the more-than-pint-sized appeal of the Half Gallery. Then it's off to the races with this season's earliest...

Weekly Bulletin: August 21

In this week's bulletin, Alexandra Peers debates the Parrish Art Museum's new digs, and brings you the latest in Abstract Expressionism.

Weekly Bulletin: August 14

In this week's weekly bulletin, Alexandra Peers sees a snub of Russian billionaires, and public nudity on a pedestal in London.

Weekly Bulletin: August 7

In this week's weekly bulletin, Alexandra Peers checks in on a tax break-minded art provocateur, and encourages you to jet to Aspen.

David Lester Builds a New Art Marketplace

New eyes for new art? One of the world's largest antiques fairs will soon move aggressively into the business of selling modern and contemporary art and photography. The overhaul by new management is meant to address financial woes that are pushing...

Ron Arad Lamp May Be Out of Service

What's the sound of a masterpiece crashing? Insiders say the glittering five-foor high chandelier (lefy) that stars in The Museum of Modern Art's "Ron Arad: No Discipline" exhibition clattered to the floor last week shortly after an opening party that...

News Bulletin: July 31, 2009

In this installment of Alexandra Peers' weekly bulletin, she considers the impact of Dash Snow's memorial at Deitch Projects, and introduces three young artists with shows opening this weekend nationally.

Weekly Bulletin

In her weekly round-up Alexandra Peers sees blood-letting, and a favorable report from one dealer in Berlin.

Weekly Bulletin

Alexandra Peers delivers her weekly column for Art in America.

Weekly Bulletin

Alexandra Peers delivers her weekly column for Art in America.

Weekly Bulletin

Alexandra Peers delivers her weekly column for Art in America

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