Art In America

Learning from Singapore?

Singapore: Inside Out, taking place Sept. 23-27 in a towering scaffold structure at New York's Madison Square Park, is a showcase of Singaporean visual arts, music, fashion, design, film and drama. The New York event is part of an official global...

Allan Sekula

Allan Sekula's career could be tracked as a voyage between tanks of hydrofluoric acid. The artist (who died last year at 62) was introduced to this corrosive substance as a lab technician at an aerospace company in 1968.

Fred Lonidier

The motto "an injury to one is an injury to all" has been used by the Industrial Workers of the World since the early 1900s. It also seems to underpin San Diego-based artist and union activist Fred Lonidier's seminal work The Health and Safety Game...

Michael Schmidt Wins Prix Pictet

Sir David King, chair of the judges, described Foodstuffs in a press release as "an epic and hugely topical investigation into the ways in which we feed ourselves."  

Allan Sekula, 1951-2013

Artist and critic Allan Sekula, known for his politically pointedphotographic projects, died Aug. 10 in Los Angeles fromgastric-esophageal cancer. He was 62, and he taught at the CaliforniaInstitute of the Arts for nearly three decades.

Mark Dion's Historic Deep Sea Dive

The Oceanographic Museum is a massive stone building, cleaved into an imposing cliff called Le Rocher ("The Rock"), along the Hitchcock-ian coastline of Monaco's Riviera. Over the course of several recent sunny April days, the museum opened...

Laurie Simmons and Marvin Heiferman

An artist and a writer/curator who have known each other since the 1970s share retropective thoughts on the radical changes in art-making, and viewing, with which they were both crucially involved. 

Issues & Commentary: Some American Notes

Assessing the current state of photography in Britain and in the U.S., the author discerns pernicious links among enterprise culture, art-world simulationism, and the homophobic attacks of neoconservative American art critics. 

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