Art In America

Set-Up: Q+A with Andrew Berardini and Lauren Mackler

Mackler, who runs the shape-shifting east L.A. project space Public Fiction, and Berardini, a writer who often folds fantasies into his art criticism, had thus twice been asked to curate exhibitions in Italy. But neither is interested in creating...

Lutz Bacher

Bay Area artist Lutz Bacher is receiving wider art-world attention after decades of cult accolades, but her work stubbornly resists characterization.

Doug Aitken: Infinite Regress

Doug Aitken’s Black Mirror presents a world in which geographic borders have all but vanished and people suffer the ennui of being rootless. But does such a vision perpetuate a dangerous myth?

Vancouver's Art Scene Gets a Boost

Vancouver’s historic Chinatown, located in what is commonly said to be Canada’s poorest postal zone, may seem an unlikely place for an international collection of contemporary art. Yet this is exactly where Bob Rennie, Vancouver’s premier...

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