Art In America

Paul Chan

Paul Chan's "Selected Works," installed over two floors of the Schaulager and spilling out onto LED screens on the building's exterior, is the New York-based artist's most extensive exhibition to date.

Andrew Lord

Andrew Lord began working in ceramics some 40 years ago—long before the medium's recent renaissance in the art world—creating pieces that explore concerns far beyond those of functional household objects. 

Jakob Mattner

"Land" was the title of this exhibition of works on paper and a single sculpture by the German artist Jakob Mattner, born in 1946.

Sara Masüger

Sara Masüger's recent exhibition was tightly conceived and relatively traditional in comparison with her earlier installations in which sculptural mediums were employed to give shape to text.

Denis Savary

Denis Savary's recent show was a complex puzzle that offered no tidy solution.

Feipel & Bechameil

Feipel & Bechameil's exhibition "Among Silent Rooms" contained an echo of their uncanny installation for Luxembourg's pavilion at the 2011 Venice Biennale (Martine Feipel is from Luxembourg; Jean Bechameil is French).

Gitte Schäfer

A new direction in Gitte Schäfer's work was evident in "Stellio," her second solo exhibition at Lullin + Ferrari. 

Sebastian Utzni

When asked publicly if he was in possession of Gustave Courbet's painting of the female sex, L'Origine du Monde (The Origin of the World, 1866), Jacques Lacan did not give a clear answer, which was characteristic of the psychoanalyst.


"Monuments," organized by the British curator Mark Sladen, considers the contemporary role of monuments and the monumental through video, sculpture and works on paper.

Bruno Serralongue

French photographer Bruno Serralongue (b. 1968) goes to the same places that photojournalists do, but the images with which he returns are not the same as theirs, nor does he publish his pictures in journalistic contexts.

Steve McQueen

As its matter-of-fact name suggests (Schaulager is a "viewable storage area"), the main remit of this Basel institution is not to mount exhibitions but to facilitate informed study of its collections.

Vittorio Brodmann

“An Honest Mistake” is what young painter Vittorio Brodmann (b. 1987, Ettingen, Switzerland) titled his first solo exhibition at Gregor Staiger’s new location.

Lili Reynaud-Dewar

"What a century of hands!-I shall never have my hand. After­wards domesticity leads too far" was the cryptic title of this solo show by Lili Reynaud-Dewar (b. 1975), a French artist whose work in performance, sculpture and the moving image has...

Helen Marten

Young sculptor and filmmaker Helen Marten (b. 1985, Macclesfield, UK) could not have wished for a more prestigious venue for her first institutional exhibition than the freshly refurbished galleries of the Kunsthalle Zurich.

Ger van Elk

Show after show, including this solo presentation of works by Ger van Elk, confirms the ongoing relevance of the artists Szeemann selected for the exhibition "Live in Your Head: When Attitudes Become Form" (Kunsthalle Bern, 1969).

Yuksel Arslan

A Turkish artist with links to the Surrealist movement, Yüksel Arslan (born in 1933 in Istanbul) has lived in Paris since 1962. For the last 60 years he has been producing artworks based on his studies of Eastern and Western writings on history,...

Cevdet Erek

Cevdet Erek breaks time—and thus our experience of life—into units. Based in Istanbul, the young Turkish artist studied architecture, has a PhD in music and plays drums in an experimental rock band. His temporal dissection at the Kunsthalle Basel...

Javier Tellez

Two 35mm films were projected side by side in a darkened room. On the left appeared a statue of a bronze Prometheus with a torch in his raised hand, a gift of fire to emancipate man; on the right, a comical carved-wood hermaphrodite holding a clock...

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