Art In America

Film: Worry the Image

For director Arthur Jafa, the essence of black cinema––and black being––lies in a nonlinear, quasi-musical processing of cultural memory and time.

“Formal Complaint”

The works of the five artists included in “Formal Complaint” render simple forms—lines, circles, planes—in rugged construction materials. The slender steel rods of Christopher Hanrahan’s “Catalogue” series dangle mid-air, connected at acute angles by...

Overview: Los Angeles Reflections

Type “Los Angeles” into the search box of and you will see over seventy thousand images, many of which look very much the same. For the works in a recent exhibition at Gagosian in Beverly Hills, Alex Israel spent what must have been...

Reminding Us Not to Be Silent

Upon being introduced to Nancy Spero's work, "one quickly realizes this is an artist that attracts attention and commentary where it wasn't always so," wrote Jon Bird, a long-time scholar of her work and that of her husband and collaborator Leon...

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