Art In America

Street Life

The Chinese-American artist Martin Wong (1945-1999) celebrated both his cultural heritage and New York's gritty Lower East Side in paintings rife with firemen, convicts, pop icons, graffitied walls and ASL hand signs.

The Hole Truth

During the 1970s, Howardena Pindell developed a unique method for creating a textured, memory-laden painting surface by adopting the simple hole punch as an artistic tool, creating distinctive abstractions inspired in part by African...

AICA Announces Best Show Awards for 2013

The U.S. chapter of the International Association of Art Critics (AICA-USA) has announced its annual best show awards. Eighteen winners and runners-up in nine categories are recognized from among more than 140 finalists proposed by AICA-USA's...

Paint by Numbers: Suzanne McClelland

In a spate of exhibitions featuring recent paintings, photographs and videos, Suzanne McClelland explores the power of numbers as a motif.

Arthur Danto, 1924-2013

Philosopher and art critic Arthur C. Danto, who famously declared the end of art history, died from heart failure on Oct. 25 at the age of 89. A professor emeritus at New York's Columbia University and the former art critic of the Nation...

Completing the Artwork: Barry Schwabsky’s “Words for Art”

Surveying figures ranging from Clement Greenberg to Jacques Derrida, New York-based critic Barry Schwabsky has just released a compendium of 20 short essays. Words for Art (Sternberg) doesn't compile the numerous critical pieces Schwabsky has done...

Joanna Malinowska In The Studio

Born in Gdynia, Poland, in 1972, Malinowska came to the U.S. in 1994. Attending Rutgers University, she majored in art but was also keenly interested in cultural anthropology, which has proved to be important to her subsequent work. After...


AMONG THE MOST significant artworks that have come into my life have been a chair, a trash can, a child’s dress. When I look at them as art, I tend to think of them as sculpture. Why do I (sometimes) call them that? As when I bestow the name of art...

Take Your Vitamins: Phaidon's P2 By the Numbers

Phaidon's Vitamin P, a 2002 survey of contemporary painting, is the publisher's best-selling contemporary art title, so it made sense to expect a sequel. New this month is the latest in the "Vitamin" series: Vitamin P2: New Perspectives in...

The Jewel Thief

Artworks are hung salon-style to dizzying heights, or piled one on top of another. Boundaries blur between architecture, furniture and art. Portions of walls are painted lime green or blazing orange, and the floor is partly covered with sharp-angled...

Setting the Record Straight

The following letter from artist Philip Smith arrived at Art in America' s offices on June 11, 2009.  

Provisional Painting

Courting risk, favoring the casual, modest and unfinished, a number of painters have determined to pursue the medium's richest promises without submitting to the conventions of mastery. 

Words For Art

Did Conceptual artists usher art into the realm of language (or language into the realm of art) or, on the contrary, did the fact that art had already become linguistic allow certain artists to invent a practice that could be called Conceptual art?