Art In America

Overview: Between the High and the Low

Overview is a new review column in which writers survey multiple exhibitions or other projects. This month’s edition covers the shows “International Pop,” at the Walker Art Center, Minneapolis; “Revolution of the Eye,” at the Jewish Museum, New York;...

Making Spaces: Inside the Italian Pavilion

In recent years, the Venice Biennale in collaboration with the Venice Municipality, the Italian Ministry of Culture, and successive Directors of the Biennale itself, has been engaged in careful planning to expand, consolidate, and clarify the spatial...

This is Not an Interview: A Stroll with Tyler Coburn

Bartholomew Ryan accompanies artist Tyler Coburn on a walk through Manhattan and Central Park as part of the artist's project Medium No. 1 (Manhattan), which was featured in Sculpture Center's "In Practice," an exhibition of eight emerging artists.

Altermodern: A Conversation with Nicolas Bourriaud

Curator and critic Bartholomew Ryan interviews Nicolas Bourriaud, author of the seminal book Relational Aesthetics  and curator of the fourth Tate Triennial, Altermodern, which remains on view in London at the Tate Britain through April...

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