Art In America

Suburban Futurism

Arguing that urban sprawl is the dominant growth paradigm of the present and future, the author advocates a close examination of dynamic, amorphous metroplexes like Phoenix and Dubai.

Karl Wirsum

The nine gridded faces in Karl Wirsum’s human-scale, black-and-red acrylic drawing Marcel Dude Champ(ca. 1979) bear a strong resemblance to one another, but close inspection reveals nine unique pairs of eyes and ears, nine unique noses and hairstyles...

Memphis Group

Faces break into smiles encountering the far-out furniture of the Memphis Group, the Italian design collective officially active between 1981 and 1986. 

Mike Cloud

Mike Cloud lays it on thick—in his paint application and in his symbolism. 

Michael Bauer

All the paintings in Michael Bauer's second solo exhibition at Lisa Cooley have a similar composition: a central mass of miscellaneous marks and symbols that scatters like shrapnel toward the edges.

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