Art In America

Outing Darger

Ever since the work of the now legendary Chicago-based outsider artist and writer Henry Darger came to light in 1977, four years after his death at age 81, there has been wild art world speculation about this reclusive person.

Peter Sacks

From a distance, Peter Sacks's new 6-foot-square mixed-medium canvases seem to be composed primarily of a thick impasto.

MoMA Gets Last Works from Darger Estate

New York's Museum of Modern Art has acquired 13 double-sided drawings by Henry Darger, arguably the most well-known Outsider artist. Darger, a janitor who spent most of his life in the same Chicago apartment building, died in 1973, leaving behind a...

Occupy Wall

An exhibition of Diego Rivera’s portable murals made in the ’30s for New York’s MoMA prompts the author to consider their timeliness.

Funding the Arts: Pay to Play

With the economy still hobbling along, nonprofits still trying to recoup endowment losses, and, under the new Republican-led House of Representatives, the National Endowment for the Arts in the crosshairs again, the arts are often seen as frivolous...

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