Art In America

Naked Soap Operas: An Interview with Brontez Purnell

As a writer, Brontez Purnell's ink spills between zines, music columns, novels, and screenplays. Not content with just literary prodigiousness, he also counts choreography, filmmaking, musical performance and composition as part of a breakneck, punk...

Tom of Finland

The cover boys on Tom of Finland catalogues solicited visitors from outside the exhibition “Early Work 1944-1972,” offering something of a false promise.

The Agenda: This Week in Los Angeles

A.i.A. editors suggest a few of the myriad events taking place this week in Los Angeles: an appearance by Jiraiya at the Tom of Finland Foundation; a pop-up porn theater at Machine Project; a screening of Hairy Who & the Chicago Imagists at the...

John Waters

The changes in John Waters's creative life, of course, reflect a radically shifted gay cultural climate.

Halsted Playing Halsted

Halsted Plays Himself, published by Semiotext(e), is artist William E. Jones's first stand-alone research book, a rich and rewarding excavation of a blazing moment in the early 1970s when American filmgoers flocked to porn cinemas; when sexual and...

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