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Checking in on the Cape Town Art Scene

When asked why he thought there may be a surge of interest in contemporary African art in the past year, Joost Bosland, a director of the Cape Town branch of Stevenson, the largest contemporary gallery in South Africa, winced. "I'm not sure if...

“Crossing Brooklyn” Showcases Artistic, Demographic Diversity

On a cloudy recent afternoon, Eugenie Tsai, the Brooklyn Museum's curator of contemporary art, and assistant curator Rujeko Hockley showed off the Project EATS grocery stand that appears every Thursday in the plaza in front of the museum's main...

Verbatim: Fred Tomaselli

"For more than 30 years now, I've been investigating the dislocation of reality, and how that's affected culture, and how that culture then affects us."

Jason Dodge’s Poetic Conceptualism

To the uninitiated, Jason Dodge's exhibition "We Are the Meeting," opening today at New York's Casey Kaplan Gallery, might appear to be a collection of unconnected, lost objects.

Sarah Anne Johnson Shows Love

Sarah Anne Johnson had just returned from an artist's residency on a double-masted schooner in the Norwegian territory of the Arctic Circle when she began materially intervening into her photographs.

Love in Beirut: Simon Fujiwara's Family Photos

One's first inclination on entering "Studio Pietà (King Kong Komplex)," London-born, Berlin-based Simon Fujiwara's first New York solo, is to step up on the central platform and look at the photographs and maps piled on the desk there. If you've read...

Emoji in Light on the Beijing Water Cube

When the Chinese lighting designer Zhen Jianwei asked artist JenniferWen Ma in 2012 to work with him on a concept that would give the BeijingNational Aquatics Center a facelift, her first thought was that shewould like to visualize the energy flow of...

Is Punk Dead? Walking the Met’s Punk Show with Scott Treleaven

Scott Treleaven never partied with punk musician Richard Hell, or shopped at Seditionaries, the boutique founded by Malcolm McLaren and Vivienne Westwood. At 40, the Toronto-born, New York-based artist is too young to have participated in the...

Art Season in Tulsa: A Look at the New Philbrook Downtown

On June 13, the Philbrook Museum of Art, in Tulsa, Okla., will open Philbrook Downtown, a 30,000-square-foot, two-story satellite space in a brick warehouse in the Brady Arts District. Designed in a minimalist, white-cube style by Gluckman Mayner...

Playing God at MoMA: Rain Room

Rain Room, on view at MoMA (through July 28) as part of MoMA PS1's multi-exhibition Expo 1 initiative (through Sept. 2), was conceived by the collective Random International, which Koch founded in 2005 with Stuart Wood and Florian Ortkrass, fellow...

Industrious Revolution: An Interview with Justin Matherly

Even though the objects on view are all made with modern-day industrial materials such as concrete and metal, walking into "All industrious people," an exhibition by Justin Matherly at New York's Paula Cooper Gallery (through Apr. 27), feels...

Alice Channer

“Cold Blood” (all works 2012) was the young British artist Alice Channer’s first solo exhibition in New York and, in the manner of many of her peers, she offered less a display of individual objects than an overall atmosphere. Also, as is common...

Vanity Projects: The Art World Gets its Nails Done

A New York-based curator with a graduate degree in art business from the Sotheby's Institute in London, Pinto recently launched Vanity Projects, a salon where patrons can receive manicures from top nail artists while watching video art programmed by...

Takeshi Murata

People prone to lucid dreams (or acid flashbacks) might have found themselves transported to a familiar state in "Syn­thesizers," an exhibition of seven large-scale pigment prints and a film by Chicago-born Takeshi Murata.

Chris Johanson

At first glance, Chris Johanson’s “Windows” felt something like a show of grade-school art projects.

Valerie Snobeck

The associations that could be made between the Grand Beauty Salon, located across the street from Essex Street gallery, and Valerie Snobeck’s solo exhibition, “Grand Beauty Salon,” at first seemed only titular.

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