Art In America

Whitney Biennial 2014

Is there such a thing as curatorial temperament? On the basis of the 2014 Whitney Biennial, the answer would have to be a qualified yes, or rather three stifled "yeahs."

A Woman Under the Influence

Deborah Kass folds an array of sources into her witty mash-ups of art history, pop culture and identity politics.

Neil Beloufa

Neil Beloufa (French, born in 1985 of Algerian descent) uses the interview format to make videos that are disquieting mixtures of fact and fiction, utopian and dystopian. Talking to people he meets in his travels, Beloufa creates loops that, while...

A One-Man Movement: Q+A With Malcolm Morley

The legendary London-born New York artist Malcolm Morley turns 80 this year, on June 7. The irrepressible Gemini has been a leader of at least two art movements. His precise paintings of ocean liners defined Photo-Realism in the 1960s; in the late...

Ansel Adams Suit Settled

After a seven-month legal dispute, the Ansel Adams Publishing Trust reached a settlement on Monday with Fresno, Calif., resident Rick Norsigian. While Norsigian is legally permitted to continue selling prints and posters through his website, which he...

Mark Morrisroe

Mark Morrisroe died young, in 1989, but he left behind 2,000 photographs that uniquely chronicle a milieu of cutting-edge artists and rough-trade hustlers.

Fresh Hell

For Adam McEwen, the British-born artist educated at Oxford and Cal Arts, and now living in New York, the phrase “fresh hell” is more Dorothy Parker’s than Shakespeare’s. Fittingly, the tone of his grab-bag group show, “Fresh Hell: Carte Blanche...

Jimmy Robert

Jimmy Robert (born in 1975 in Guadalupe and currently living in Brussels) belongs to a new generation of artists for whom choreography is increasingly the subject matter of videos, installations and ephemeral collages. A graduate of Goldsmiths...

Pierre Huyghe

Preternaturally red candy apples made fresh before your eyes and set out in neat rows: this was the enduring first image of forbidden fruit in Pierre Huyghe’s three-hour-long Valentine’s Day performance, staged in a semi-abandoned French...

Three to Get Ready: James Turrell

An interim report in three new bodies of work by the artist whose Roden Crater project, under way for more than two decades, is scheduled to open this millennial year and promises to be around until the next millennium and beyond.

James Brown

The peripatetic life of James Brown—painter, sculptor, ceramicist, publisher, paterfamilias and ascetic yet devilish-seeming avatar of elegance—has led him far afield from the New York art world that launched him during the early 1980s, all the way...

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