Art In America

Up Close 2016: New Orleans

In 2016 we launched the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation/Art in America Arts Writing Fellowships, a joint project designed to foster art and culture writing in cities throughout the US. Fellowship recipient Cameron Shaw looks back on some of her...

Up Close: Narrative Painting

The representational paintings and drawings of New Orleans artist Willie Birch echo traditional African fractal patterns, reinforcing his solidarity with local “bottom up” social organizations.

Living Landmark

Life is Art Collective occupy the restaurant, originally in the Eiffel Tower, which was relocated to New Orleans. Kirsha Kaechele, Tora Lopez, Elliott Coon, and Pamala Bishop moved in on May 22 and will not leave the grounds until late June. While one...

Younger Than Jesus, or Wiser Than God?

The reign of youth on the Bowery may be coming to an end, as octogenarians square off against Millennials. The Don King of this match is BLT Gallery, which has been aggressively promoting "Wiser Than God," its hotly anticipated rejoinder to...

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