Art In America

Stranger in America

Glenn Ligon, whose midcareer retrospective is currently at the Whitney Museum in New York, frequently uses text-laden paintings, prints and other works to probe America's troubled racial psychology.

NYC Collector Adds Art to the Three Rs

When New York collector Douglas Oliver’s daughter was a high school junior abroad in France, she excitedly phoned her father to tell him that her class was studying Yves Klein. An image of a blue nude torso the class had discussed was just like the...

AiA Preview: Glenn Ligon on the NEA

"I became an artist when I received a grant from the NEA in 1989," says Glenn Ligon, whose midcareer retrospective opens at the Whitney Museum of American Art next month [look for coverage in our May issue]. The New York-based artist majored in art at...

Mike Kelley

Finding echoes of early avant-garde experimentation in the noise music he favors, Kelley talks about his own work and the musicias he is bringing together for Performa 09.

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