Art In America

Talia Chetrit

Grounded in a strong tradition of feminist photographers’ images of themselves, Talia Chetrit’s compact show provokes fantasies of a woman/camera hybrid or of a piecemeal narrative in which the camera is intimately involved in the artist’s sexual...

Ana Mendieta

Ana Mendieta is best known for photographs, prints, and paintings that document performances involving her body and nature, but she was also a prolific film and video artist. During her lifetime, tragically cut short at the age of thirty-six, Mendieta...

Author of Astonishment: Charlotte Moorman at the Block Museum

Is there any other artist whose body is as routinely conflated with her oeuvre as Charlotte Moorman? “Discover why Charlotte Moorman was called [. . .] the Topless Cellist” is the Barnumesque lure on a postcard advertising “A Feast of Astonishments:...

The Sight of Her

Charlotte Moorman, long known as the “Topless Cellist” of 1960s-’70s performance art, is finally receiving critical and curatorial recognition for her accomplishments as a musician, performer, cultural organizer and avant-garde...

In the Studio: Kathe Burkhart

With a survey of her ongoing “Liz Taylor” painting series about to open in Switzerland, Brooklyn-based Kathe Burkhart discusses her longstanding identification with the controversial film star, praising her as an icon of dominant female...

Carolee Schneemann

Carolee Schneemann (b. 1939) keeps insisting that she is a painter and is even quoted in the catalogue of this retrospective as saying, in 1993, that she will die a painter. Still, when mentioned, she is usually identified as one of the most...

Walking the Armory with Christopher Y. Lew

At the VIP reception of this year's Armory Show fair (Mar. 5-8), I met up with Christopher Y. Lew, the Whitney Museum of American Art's recently appointed associate curator, who was already stalking the aisles. Lew, who is in his early 30s, came to...

The Breath of Life

Long an icon of feminism and sexual liberation, the artist now finds artistic counsel, erotic pleasure and spiritual sustenance in her many kissing cats.

Frieze New York 2015 Exhibitor List Revealed

Nearly 200 galleries will participate, approximately the same number as last year. About 30 percent are from New York. Exhibitors hail from 33 countries and territories, from Austria and Estonia to Taiwan and the United Arab Emirates. Last year,...

“Future Feminism”

Artists Kembra Pfahler, Johanna Constantine, Antony, Bianca Casady and Sierra Casady created "Future Feminism," a series of exhibitions, performances and lectures at The Hole NYC. Over 13 nights, the group and their collaborators will unveil their 13...

The Body That Jill Built

Beginning as a dance columnist in the 1960s, Jill Johnston invented a hybrid brand of criticism—and a wildly energetic body of writing—melding analysis, sensory awareness, raw emotions, linguistic play and autobiography.

Moving Pictures at Art Basel Miami Beach

Unlike previous years, video was surprisingly well represented this year at Art Basel Miami Beach, which is otherwise focused on static objects for sale.

Inside the Art Bars

Bars have been as essential to the New York art world as its galleries and museums. Eleven artists reflect on the downtown institutions where creative inspiration could flow as freely as the drinks.  

Heide Hatry

A rose is a rose is a rose, but not always. In this show of large color photographs by the German-born artist Heide Hatry, the trompe l'oeil floral constructions are composed of animal innards, genitals and other nasty bits-all artfully transformed in...

Thomas McEvilley, 1939-2013

McEvilley wrote numerous books on art and philosophy. Last year he published The Triumph of Anti-Art: Conceptual and Performance Art in the Formation of Post-Modernism (McPherson, 2012).

April Street

Los Angeles-based artist April Street keeps track of her dreams.

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