Art In America

John Walker

There aren’t many painters making abstractions as convincing as John Walker’s. 

Angela Dufresne

With a euphoric whoop and enough painterly smarts and braggadocio to take on all comers, Angela Dufresne once again entered into the fray of high-end painting, an arena currently preoccupied with rich bad-boy artists and intellectual abstractionists...

Michael Berryhill

Michael Berryhill has a most delicious way with paint. In "Beggars Blanket," the second solo show at Kansas by the Brooklyn-based artist, Berryhill brought a heightened sense of color and tactility to his intimate consideration of life in the studio

Maria Lassnig, 1919-2014

Painter Maria Lassnig has died in Vienna at age 94. A representative of Hauser & Wirth gallery in New York has confirmed her passing.

Zachary Keeting

From a distance, the eight paintings in Zachary Keeting's recent show looked like collages; up close, they revealed themselves to be layered acrylics.

Dennis Congdon

Rome is a city that can morph from ancient to modern at the turn of a corner. There, the physical sediments of human history commingle in such a way that old and new are often inseparable. 

A Restless Spirit

Louise Fishman reframes the conventions of gestural painting in three career-spanning exhibitions this fall. 

The Lookout: A Weekly Guide to Shows You Won't Want to Miss

With an ever-growing number of galleries scattered around New York, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. Where to begin? Here at A.i.A., we are always on the hunt for clever, memorable shows that stand out in a crowded field. Every Thursday, we'll post...

The Deconstructive Impulse

“The Deconstructive Impulse: Women Artists Reconfigure Signs ofPower, 1973-1991,” organized by Helaine Posner and NancyPrincenthal for the Neuberger Museum, is a highly entertainingand groundbreaking exhibition that should ...

Lawler, Wearing Put Women on Top at Gallery Week

An ambitious exhibition that opened Friday night in Harris Lieberman's cavernous temporary space at 508 W. 26th Street in Chelsea is titled, in a pointedly innocuous way, "A Painting Show." Works by 35 artists hang cheek by jowl, and though nothing...

Programming Shake-Up at fordPROJECT

The recently launched art space fordPROJECT, located in a duplex penthouse on 57th Street in New York, has been ruffling art-world feathers, with two consecutive projects canceled, for disputed reasons. The gallery was the brainchild of Guerman Aliev,...

Roving Eye: Dan Cameron's Week in Review

Sometimes art is most meaningful when you least expect. If you'd told me a month ago that the most engaging encounters I would soon have with art would be connected to institutions of higher learning, I might have just rolled my eyes.Yet a few days...

Stephen Mueller

In his recent solo exhibition at Lennon, Weinberg, Stephen Mueller seemed intent on making sure that his viewers left the gallery in a state of optical bliss. Mueller, who has shown regularly since the early '70s, is known for paintings that...

The Jewel Thief

Artworks are hung salon-style to dizzying heights, or piled one on top of another. Boundaries blur between architecture, furniture and art. Portions of walls are painted lime green or blazing orange, and the floor is partly covered with sharp-angled...

Kirsi Mikkola

“Flex” was a great name for the first New York solo appearance by Kirsi Mikkola in nearly 15 years. Stretching the formal conceits of modernist collage both forward and backward in time, the exhibition, containing 13 intricate works in paper,...

Pat Steir

Pat Steir is best known today for her “Waterfalls,” a series of physically com­manding paintings that can reach 37 feet in length. Composed of sweeping brush­strokes and impossibly long pours, the images seem to arise effortlessly from what look...

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