Art In America

From the Archives: Lee Krasner on Protest and Pollock

On the occasion of the exhibition "From the Margins: Lee Krasner and Norman Lewis, 1945-1952," at New York's Jewish Museum (through Feb. 1, 2015), A.i.A. delved into the archives. For our September-October 1977 issue, we explored the question "What...

Robert Indiana

If I say "Harper Lee," you say "To Kill a Mockingbird."  That is, after all, the only novel Lee published. If I say "Joseph Heller," you'll probably say "Catch-22," and if I ask a follow-up question-"Yes, and what else?"-you might be stymied for a...

Like it or Lump it: Amy Sillman

"Amy Sillman: one lump or two," a nationally touring exhibition now on view at Boston's Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA), is the New York-based artist's first museum survey.

Timeline: 100 Years of Art in America

Over the past century, Art in America has developed from a small specialized journal to a major voice in the rapidly changing contemporary art world. To celebrate the magazine's 100-year anniversary, we look back at the milestones that helped define...

Neo-Expressionism Not Remembered

In the early 1980s, Art in America hosted a debate on emerging Neo-Expressionist art. Now, after three contentious decades, history seems to have declared a winner. But don’t be too sure.

Jacob Kassay: History's Mirror

Jacob Kassay shares a studio in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, that has been home to artists including Amy Granat, Steven Parrino, Virginia Overton and Olivier Mosset. Originally rented by the late Parrino twenty years ago, the space is currently the...

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