Art In America

Trisha Baga

Trisha Baga’s engaging installation at the Whitney Museum’s Lobby Gallery, Plymouth Rock 2 (2011), combined video and a number of small floor-scattered objects.

Bearing Witness: A Week of Performance at CANADA

"I, Bear," a week of performances at CANADA Gallery on the Lower East Side, is a musical series with video, or more precisely, a leisurely party with video and, eventually, some music. The performances occur in the gallery's back room, where looped...

Cecilia Dougherty

Can people ever truly distinguish what's going on in the real world from the narrative playing out in their heads? Can they ever say with certainty that the mundane isn't meaningful? Such questions, rich with poetic nuance and impossible to answer,...

On the Hour: Artist-Curated Film Screening at CANADA Gallery

This week, New York's CANADA Gallery hosts a screening series of works curated by video and film artists chosen by the gallery. Each of the nine artists have been given a one-hour timeslot for their presentation. The elements of each artist's...

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