Art In America

Poems Without Words

With a 1975 series of stacked-line compositions, the painter David Reed began to garner recognition from critics and peers alike. Now those legendary works from his first solo exhibition are on view again, raising intriguing questions about cultural...

Best of Chicago, 2015

Jessica Stockholder is a Chicago-based artist and chair of the art department at the University of Chicago. She recently spoke with A.i.A. about the best institutional exhibitions in the Windy City in 2015.

The Accidental Abstractionist

Admired by many young artists today, the endlessly inventive German painter Albert Oehlen combines formal diversity with superb technical skills.

Jeffry Mitchell

This recent midcareer survey of Seattle artist Jeffry Mitchell came after two decades in which he acquired a reputation for large-scale installations (at the Seattle Art Museum, the New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York, and the Missoula Art...

Neo-Expressionism Not Remembered

In the early 1980s, Art in America hosted a debate on emerging Neo-Expressionist art. Now, after three contentious decades, history seems to have declared a winner. But don’t be too sure.

The Jewel Thief

Artworks are hung salon-style to dizzying heights, or piled one on top of another. Boundaries blur between architecture, furniture and art. Portions of walls are painted lime green or blazing orange, and the floor is partly covered with sharp-angled...

John Pomara

The abstract paintings of Dallas native John Pomara, who has been exhibiting since the 1980s, hang with a certain authority on the gallery wall. For the past several years he has painted on aluminum panels that project just enough to give them an...


The politics of style and race are cross-wired in Barkley Hendricks's vivid figurative paintings.

From the Archives: Space Shots

Primarily an instrument of astronomical exploration, space photography is traversed by multiple discourses—scientific, esthetic, epistemological. Viewed in an art context, as in a recent museum exhibition, such images resemble yet differ from the...

From the Archives: Giving Art History the Slip

During the 1950s and '60s, artists such as Agnes Martin, Ellsworth Kelly, Lenore Tawney, and Robert Indiana claimed low-rent lofts along a shoreline on the southern tip of Manhattan as studio spaces. On April 14, Houston's Menil Collection opens the...

From the Archives: Photography in the First Decade

The Photo-Secession divorced photography from mundane illustrational tasks and created an atmosphere that encouraged photographers to think of their medium as an artist thinks of his. It freed photography from painting, allowing it to become an...

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