Art In America

“Dear Mr. Thanatos”

This show of eight Latin American artists, organized by critic/curator Christian Viveros-Fauné, persuasively suggests that violent death haunts the imagination of the socio-politically troubled region's artists, regardless of where they practice at...

Los Carpinteros Intoxicate Miami with Art Bar

Miami Beach has no shortage of watering holes, and they're active duringthe Art Basel Miami Beach (ABMB) fair, when buyers and sellers loosenup after long days at ABMB or at any one of nearly two dozen satellitefairs.

Liz Magic Laser Focus-Groups Armory Show Contribution

In a windowless room, under fluorescent lights around a conference table laden with Chex Mix and peanut M&Ms, art-world professionals talked, while the artist and Armory Show reps watched from behind a two-way mirror.

The New Realism

In perilous situations, some artists take real risks. 

Dublin's 'Documenta' Tries to Shape Up

The much-hyped and much-beleaguered Dublin Contemporary, a new citywide, international exhibition set to launch this fall, may finally have a game plan. On Mar. 4, just a month after being appointed, lead curators Christian Viveros-Fauné and Jota...

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