Art In America

The Harrisons

For a California resident living under the constant threat of drought, the Harrisons' recent exhibition at Various Small Fires did not make for reassuring viewing. 

Llyn Foulkes

Llyn Foulkes’s Sprüth Magers exhibition consisted of thirty-seven mixed-medium paintings, the vast majority of them made since the Hammer Museum’s celebrated 2013 retrospective of his work.

Sam Pulitzer and Peter W├Ąchtler

Sam Pulitzer and Peter Wächtler’s recent exhibition at House of Gaga/Reena Spaulings Fine Art was a collaborative venture for both the artists, who are friends, and the galleries, which are based in Mexico City and New York, respectively, and have...

Paul Thek

The recent exhibition of Paul Thek’s work at Hannah Hoffman Gallery was surprisingly pretty. The Thek it portrayed seemed to have been an introspective sort, given to naive drawings of flowers and sensitive paintings of the sea, rather than the...

Wu Tsang

Wu Tsang’s recent exhibition at 356 Mission, “The Luscious Land of God Is Sinking,” was a mesmerizing and entirely unexpected outing for the artist. Rooted in the club culture of Los Angeles, Tsang is best known for performances and videos that evoke...

Henry Taylor

Henry Taylor, a stalwart of the Los Angeles art scene, is known for painting sympathetic portraits of local characters, family, friends, and celebrities in a loose, gestural manner, with thick strokes of acrylic quickly marking out details. The...

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