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Hedonists and Humanists: Mapplethorpe in Los Angeles

It seems difficult to reevaluate Robert Mapplethorpe’s career today, partly because the furor over the cancellation of his first retrospective at the Corcoran Gallery in 1989 inspired such thoughtful assessments of his work then. No one will ever sum...

A.L. Steiner

The first wall of prints in A.L. Steiner’s installation at Blum & Poe was sequenced with a formalist eye. One photograph led to the next in a way that suggested they were elaborating on each other like sentences in an essay, or a...

Larry Sultan

A pivotal photograph in this retrospective is a favorite of mine that Larry Sultan and I discussed briefly four years before his death in 2009, at age 63.

Allan Sekula

Allan Sekula's career could be tracked as a voyage between tanks of hydrofluoric acid. The artist (who died last year at 62) was introduced to this corrosive substance as a lab technician at an aerospace company in 1968.

Robbert Flick

The people who have taken an interest in Robbert Flick's photography range from colleagues at the University of Southern California with whom he has collaborated—one a cartographer, the other a geographer—to Los Angeles Times literary critic David L....

The Big Picture Comes into Focus at Paris Photo L.A.

By the time the golf-cart taxi has skittered through the back alleys or down "12th Street" on the New York backlot at Paramount Pictures in Hollywood, delivering you to Paris Photo L.A. (Apr. 25-27), you're already pumped for this annual photo fair...

Depicting Dislocation

Over the course of four decades, John Divola has photographed haunting traces of residential displacement and social anomie in the Los Angeles region.

Top Finds at Paris Photo Los Angeles

Like Art Basel, which branched out from Basel to Miami in 2002 and will  add Art Basel Hong Kong this month, Paris Photo established a new venue  this year with Paris Photo Los Angeles. The fair, which will have its 17th edition in France in November,...

Paris Photo in Focus

My view of the 120-plus booths exhibiting their wares below gave me the impression of an orderly, manageable event. But that was an illusion. As soon as I descended into the endless allées of galleries, the grid dissolved into a maze.

Rineke Dijkstra

Ordinarily, a portrait photograph isolates a single moment in the life of its subject. Portraits may imply the presence of traits that subjects bring to the studio-qualities that they have acquired over many years and will continue to possess for...

Demand's Mirror

Thomas Demand's photo essays rely on hand-built paper replicas of controversial sites stripped bare of identifiers. 

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