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Louise Lawler's current exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in New York focuses on her long-standing practice of photographically re-presenting the work of other artists, often in domestic settings or unexpected combinations––an approach many...

In the Studio: Dara Birnbaum

With a long-awaited installation opening this month in Paris, pioneer video artist Dara Birnbaum discusses radical changes in technology and mass-media strategies, her own collaborative editing process, and her ongoing drive to meld personal and...

Sarah Charlesworth

Sarah Charlesworth's series "Objects of Desire" (1983-86) takes reality as something bracketed by quotation marks: a fiction, according to postmodernist critic Craig Owens, produced and sustained by its representation as image. 

Timeline: 100 Years of Art in America

Over the past century, Art in America has developed from a small specialized journal to a major voice in the rapidly changing contemporary art world. To celebrate the magazine's 100-year anniversary, we look back at the milestones that helped define...

Neo-Expressionism Not Remembered

In the early 1980s, Art in America hosted a debate on emerging Neo-Expressionist art. Now, after three contentious decades, history seems to have declared a winner. But don’t be too sure.

Foster After Theory

In the introduction to Recodings: Art, Spectacle, Cultural Politics (1985), a collection of his writings from the early 1980s, Hal Foster boldly proclaimed his intention "to seek out new political connections and make new cultural maps," thus...

Marlo Pascual

Amateurs and the forgotten images they make are the source and subject of Marlo Pascual’s installations. Something of an artists’ artist (she was named a New Artist of the Year in Rob Pruitt’s recent Art Awards ceremony, without having had a...

Photo Play: The Story of the Pictures Generation

Arriving in New York from Los Angeles, Buffalo and beyond, several loosely affiliated cohorts met and mingled with artists native to the city, traded ideas, shared allegiances and became a "generation."

From the Archives: The Pro-scenic Event

Choreographer Trisha Brown died on March 18. Noted for early postmodern works that experimented with pedestrian movements and unusual performance venues, in the 1980s Brown returned to more conventional modes of theatrical presentation. To commemorate...

From the Archives: Telling Stories

What I am proposing, then, is that Baldessari’s art can never be accounted for in terms of determinate meanings, but only as a set of specific esthetic strategies. 

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