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The Agenda: This Week in Los Angeles

A.i.A. editors suggest a few of the myriad events taking place this week in Los Angeles: the latest Decolonizing the White Box at Human Resources; an Art+Feminism Wikipedia Edit-a-thon at LACMA's Art+Technology Lab; a performance workshop run by...

Summer eReading: Klaus_eBooks

At first glance, ebooks and artist's books seem the perfect marriage. The multimedia and interactive features possible in ebooks provide fertile ground for experimentation.

Cameron Kitchin to Head Cincinnati Art Museum

The Cincinnati Art Museum has named Cameron Kitchin the museum's new director. Kitchin is currently director of the Memphis Brooks Museum of Art in Memphis, Tenn. He takes up his new post Oct. 1.

Todd DeShields Smith to Head the Orange County Museum of Art

The Orange County Museum of Art has named Todd DeShields Smith its new CEO and director. He replaces interim director Dan Cameron, who has served since director Dennis Szakacs left in December 2013. Smith will oversee the museum's 2016 relocation to...

Corporate Aesthetics: Dora Budor

In an update of those Beuysian/Warholian bromides of yesteryear—everyone being an artist or having 15 minutes of fame, or both—everyone today is a content creator.

The Agenda: This Week in New York

A.i.A. editors suggest a few of the myriad events taking place this week in New York: artists talk collecting at the Morgan Library; an auction of photographic novelties at Swann; a film screening at BAM of a "micro-budget" documentary; and...

Cruel and Ecstatic Migrations: An Interview with Brian Butler

"I'm tapping into a metaphysical realm where limitations of space and time don't exist. So there are several things going on at once. It's between a dream and being awake. It's a state just between those two. And if you can stay there, then you can...

Rhizome's Seven on Seven, including Boston Marathoner

The purpose of the get-together is to foster dialogue between art and technology, but the bombings drew attention to tracking and surveillance in a surprisingly personal way when it was revealed that one of the participants had run the Marathon.

East Village Rimbaud

David Wojnarowicz (1954-1992) was as full of contradictions as the changing East Village neighborhood he lived in during the 1980s.

Ryan McGinley Makes a Summer Poem for Sigur Ros

Photographer Ryan McGinley has debuted a new video project, Varú?, a short film set to the sounds of Icelandic band Sigur Rós's song of the same name. In the piece, a woman in a golden wig skips through the streets of New York. The dreamlike scene...

Pinault Announces Moving-Image Show

The Palazzo Grassi-François Pinault Foundation's "Voices of Images" will be the foundation's first exhibition dedicated to the moving image. Curated by Caroline Bourgeois, who manages the foundation's collection, the show (Aug. 29, 2012–Jan. 13,...

Roving Eye: Minneapolis

Among my many surprises upon moving to Minneapolis in 2008 (besides the weather, which defeats explanation) was the city's welcoming atmosphere for young artists. While Minneapolis is known far and wide for its robust institutions—from the Guthrie...

Peculiar and Personal at the Whitney Biennial

"One of the most peculiar galaxies known, this strange system seems to be ejecting material with explosive violence." The description appears in a vintage astronomy book from which Berkeley-based conceptual artist Lutz Bacher has torn 84...

Photography Objet Manque

Creating sculptures and installations to be photographed and then dismantled, some contemporary artists put a fresh spin on the notion of photographic truth.

The Whitney Biennial List Is Out

The New York Observer has leaked the list of artists selected by curators Elisabeth Sussman and Jay Sanders for the 2012 Whitney Biennial. The list mixes emerging and emerged talent and features relatively few on-trend artists (Kai Althoff, Moyra...

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